Monday, May 19, 2008


i was in texas and it was incredibly hot and muggy. i did some mad shopping though. and will start to post pics.
here is my friend carla
she just graduated from HCC and studied fashion, she made her skirt by the way. carla is one of my best friends and i met her working at buffalo exchange. she's incredibly different, funny and real. we used to make monkey calls at each other across the store. she's super talented, a feminist, really girly but doesnt shave her pits or legs. essentially, she's kind of my hero.

and that's texas thus far!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

katie and me

so i am at tisch, burning my screen based projects onto a CD.
and i ran into my friend katie frank, who works at the cage (the area where we check out things and such). she is always cute but look expectationally cute today!

so i needed to clean out my tisch locker today (i think we're getting new ones. hopefully newer and bigger ones...anywho, i rode my bike here and i felt like wearing a white dress. and tights.
yesterday was so fucking cold that i think i am overcompensating, anywho. i'm warm, thats all that matters!
hopeully ican finish burnnig my stuff and quickly run to brooklyn for foodswings. i've been craving it. and since im going back home to texas for a week...i figure i totes deserve it. yes i went there and used totes.
whoa. and deal with it.
so i am going to a party tonight and i'll post more pictures. two parties actually! and i am going with some lovely ladies named katelyn and sara. woot! am quite excited.

more later

Friday, May 9, 2008

long time no see so sorry

school has been busy as hell! and this blog got a touch emo.

so i'm giving it a make over. it's gonna be a fashion/photog blog!. which makes sense given my interests

so what is up with this kittan?? interning at BUST magazine and i heart it. alot. it's laid back, the people are nice and its just an amazing atmosphere.
our cover right now is amazing- flight of the conchords. check it out. i am currently quickly wooing jermaine, but he just doesn't know it yet.

i also submitted my study abroad application to a non-nyu school- central saint martins. hopefully i'll get in. speaking of all that, i do need to turn in my taking a semester off sheet to nyu! well...i have a lot to do. hmmm.

like get a visa.

anywho. that's what i've been up to!

i go home on sunday, which im excited about.