Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years new ears!

it's new years eve and i realized, my blog is a year and then some old.
in going with the theme of reflection, here are my top ten outfits.
i've really enjoyed reading all of the recaps of the decade with the worst of or the best of or most memorable this or that on jezebel, so ....i figured i'd do something similar...

but let's also look forward to teh future!
everyone be safe tonight and i will have a much longer update soon!

also, in addition
my wonderful friend monique is in town, visiting new orleans
we went to a sub deb (jr deb) ball

monique in her great grandmother's vintage- lace from the '40s

vintage chloe dress

and, litereally, five minutes after the ball ended, monique and i ran to a dinner party
i wore this

topshop tights, rag and bone boots, lyell shorts, '30s vintage sweater

Monday, December 28, 2009

you walk down Alameda shuffling your deck of trick cards over everyone

i've been in an elliot smith mood, oh, for the last two months.
if i had to pick or play favorites, he'd be tied for first between joanna newsom and yann tiersen in my book.

this past couple of days have been jam packed with a major photography shoot (medium format per usual!) for the thesis on christmas eve in addition to squeezing as much fun out of hte past couple of days before my bff/hetero life partner left for disney world for new years. which makes me incredibly jealous. how great is that?
what happened.
well, miro! por favor.

megan, the faithful driver

on the drive

where we ate

inside goode co

outfit- rachel comey sample sale sweater, rag and bone sample sale shirt, vintage skirt, ebay rachel comey shoes

my first bite of barbeque in 6 years. i started eating meat a couple weeks ago. this happened slowly, i should add. sophmore year of high school, i became vegetarian, senior year, i was vegan and freshmen year of college, iwas vegetarian again. junior year of college, i was pescatarian. i spent more and more time in new orleans and was not eating as healthy as i should as a vegetarian. so much of the cuisine is based on fish dishes, since it is a gulf coastal area. even "ethnic" cuisine is homogenized to be more creole style. it was healthier, more a part of the culture, to eat more gulf coastal style food, in addition food being a huge part of my family. once i began eating fish again, i became more curious about how other food tasted, in addition to just reading many more recipes, such as pork shoulder and bone marrow soup (umm....totally sounds delicious...)
curiosity got the best of me...and now i am an omnivore that eats mainly vegetarian.

after having a horrifically fun day on thursday, i got home and remembered/realized that i had to light my house for my photo shoo and make food for our christmas eve dinner!
so i got to it.
lighting (s)kills

on sale steven alan dress from
prada heels

more shoez, steven alan dress

oh and then santa came last night!
the haul and close up

chanel gold platforms. my mama came to visit me in september and i tried these on. that crafty lady bought them later that day and had themshipped to houston and then hid them for months! my my, mamas are super crafty and sneaky

more xmas gifts

MM6 sweatshirt, rodarte for target skirt, jeffrey campbell shoes

rachel comey skirt, rodarte for target shirt, chanel platforms

one day, my guy friends came over and demanded an adventure
so we had one
first polish food somewhere deep in teh outer reaches of houston
then we ventured further, oh 20 minutes further and just slightly beyond neighborhoods we discovered this and these
swamp lands
hills to roll down
we could still hear the cars and highway close by but we could smell the damp water and trees of the swampy forest.
good times.

after that adventure
i changed clothes, and changed gears. i retaught myself stick shift and met my sister for dinner.
it got colder
i wore this

rachel comey dress (xmas gift) tsumori chisato tights, ked shoes (also xmas gift), rachel comey sample sale sweater and belt, new ebay purchase- marc by marc jacobs jacket
i felt like a nut cracker, it was glorious

in my sister's bathroom, i seek refuge in attempting to hug my mirror image.
and also, you can see the back of my dress this way

and then today
i wore this
to return gifts and eat lunch with my sister, put off packing and get sucked into a 6 hour law and order svu marathon.
it may, in fact, be the greatest show ever created.

rachel comey sweater, rag and bone shirt, built by wendy skirt, rag and bone boots, prada knee highs

dear world,
time for sleep
for i drive to new orleans tomorrow for more shooting and many more adventures

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's been so long!

but finals are finally over! and the semester is done.
now, i shall finish up my entire thesis, in teh course of this month.
is this doable?
why yes, it is! it will just require an intense work ethic.
i can do this, i do believe i can.

so i didnt sleep for like 72 hours nonstop during finals, these things happen.
i think i wrote some okay papers but we shall see.
i had a great semester, if anyone is curious.
it was tough, hard, wonderful, and productive.

but now it's break!
and i've been baking with the munchkins (my little cousins)
we are watching lilo and stitch right now and i am tearing up. my gosh. i shouldn't admit those things on the internet.


the best of final's week.
by that, i mean outfits.

so...this was the week before finals, at the beginning of the week when i hadn't slept. so night one of not sleeping.
to cheer myself up, i wore spats
repetto heels, vintage spats, gray tights, lanvin tee shirt dress

my new favorite boots, from the brooklyn flea market

new mayle sweater, new mayle dress, osborn shoes.

MM6 sweater, miu miu skirt, hansel from basel socks, steve madden

beginnings of finals week
comme des garcon play shirt, rachel comey skirt, converses
this is me, watching an episode of law and order SVU to reward myself for writing an entire paper in one night.
after my rom com class (thats my monday class) i went on a date with an adorably caustic and sarcastic cinema studies boy. it was really nice. and very cute. you have to give any boy mad props that rolls with jokes about lolita syndromes and pedo bears.

my favorite finals outfit
i wore it twice
mayle tunic (new), marc jacobs pants, rag and bone shoes, marc jacobs sweater
pig tails.
it had to happen, like spats, it makes everything better

now officially on break

me in my best friend's neighborhood
clu shirt, h&m hat, prada skirt, target tights, rag and bone boots.

some photos of houston

and then the snow from new york!
this is outside my window in chinatown

i'll update soon!
bye lovelies
happy holidays.

Monday, December 14, 2009

finals are destroying my mind

i spent many a-countless night awake and writing

finals are kicking my butt, people. kicking my butt.
but i will survive!
i still have mayle for sale fyi.
here's my flickr site

but to tide y'all over until i can really update.

this was shot during thanksgiving.

i'm a little obsessed with wes anderson and the fantastic mr fox

i ain't afraid of no farmers.

lyell shorts, boy shirt, twilly scarf

hiding in a tree, do i see any chickens to steal?

APC pants, steven alan top and tie, converse shoes, my own cat ear headband

felicity fox, painter of landscapes and thunderclouds

urban outfitters skirt, rag and bone boots, built by wendy top

rawr! a rather fantastic fox.

lyell shorts, topshop tights, boy shirt, twilly scarf, rag and bone boots

i look more like a cat
it's kind of wonderful being fantastic, isn't it?

h&m dress, twilly scarf

good luck with finals, lovelies!
i can't be the only one with them, right?
cordially yours,

Monday, December 7, 2009

apparently, your body can just absorb contacts

or at least mine did.
what do you mean?
well my eyelid literally ate my contact, as in my contact rolled up under my eyelid and i had to go to the eye doctor and he had to remove.
it took five minutes and then i popped my contact right back in my eye.
but it was very bizarre.
ALTHOUGH, they assured, your contact can never go behind your eye. the farthest it will journey is just up in your eyelid.
the things i do for vanity.

and it's also pre-finals week
and i have decided, crazily enough, to attempt to start all of my final papers now.
but what that really means is that i'll just procrastinate for a week.
but i figure its better to start that a whole process now rather than wait until next monday...cos most of my final papers are due around the 18th ish.


in other news
i'm selling some mayle stuff! is anybody interested?
if you are post a comment with your email and i'll email you what i have and how much it is, ect.

i also bought this amazing mayle dress a week ago and i've worn it three times. so essentially i'm turning into a cartoon character, but that's okay
my professor has the same dress. i'm secretly crossing my fingers that one day we'll both wear it on the same day and it'll be like oh! your dress is so lovely, where ever did you find it?

my prof. said this probably was a sample since there is no size in it
mayle dress, mayle shoes, hansel from basel tights, one of my favorite vintage necklaces.

i also got a hair cut.

my friend dima photographed me.
and this is me photographing dima photographing me.
can we say "META?"

and this is dima and i.
he's so fashionable, i put him on my blog.

are both wearing h&m. 3.1 phillip lim belt and keds for me.

oh. i also used my culinary prowess to bake a very interesting pie.

i deem it magic potion pie. my friends boris and eddie gave me a pie making kit and i decided to try to use almost all the ingredients.
they gave me condensed milk, blueberry gooey pie filling from a can, a chocolate cookie crust, shaved coconut, almonds, marshmellows, malted milk balls, whipping cream from a box and brown sugar
so what i made was: a blueberry icebox pie/cheesecake in a chocolate cookie crust.
icebox pie calls for condensed milk and cream cheese. i say it's slash cheese cake b/c once it thaws from teh freezer, it has a cheese cake consistency. i mixed half the can of blueberries in with the icebox pie filling and put it in the cookie crust.
i then used butter and milk and melted a bunch of marshmellows and poured that onto of the pie. i let that chill overnight and then added the rest of the blueberry filling on top, and put the coconut flakes on a top of that with a single almond in the middle.
it wasn't my most delicious pie but it definitely was the most interesting.
i call it magic potion pie.
it's like when i was a little kid and i'd make "magic potion" by mixing together whatever i could find- usually cereal, milk, soap, maple syrup and caynenne pepper into a bowl and i'd pretend to be a witch.
it was like that but edible.

this was a super long post but i probably won't update for a couple of days.
b/c of finals and all.
adieu dearies!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pan y dulce

yesterday was a cold day but a good day.
i saw broken embraces, even almovodar at his mediocre is still magnificent. what does that mean? it means it was captivating, funny and worth seeing. worth paying 12 dollars to see.
it was a rather melancholy but ultimately happy story almost amelie like in it's idiosyncratic ness, very spanish and very almovodar. of course, the love story ends tragically but ultimately things feel happy when wrapped up. slightly ungainly in character use but still still captivating. while it was tragic in some aspects, it was incredibly funny and moving, it felt like a comedy that was based more in reality than in film fiction. however, it ended up being a film about films- the main character writes scripts. the characters are more realistic views of film characters while actions that drive the narrative are things would only exist in teh film world- a bit more dramatic than what real life would hold.
a lot of the lightness was achieved b/c penelope cruz's character's look was based on audrey hepburn (note the perky bangs!)

afterwards, i realized i was on a bit of a pseudo date with a bit of an eyeore though he was adorable. some people make that work for them.
we stopped into a spanish bakery b/c i wanted some bake goods.
the woman who worked behind the counter didn't speak english, so i grasped at my high school spanish i thought i had long forgotten.
que es esto?
ah. pan y dulche.
quiero uno.
vanilla o chocolate?
una dolar y viente cinco centas.

i left. it was delicious. bready, sugary with a layer of chocolate pastry, it only would've been better with black coffee.

from the movie.
i want these bangs.

after the pan, boy who seems so sad sometimes took me back to his apt for some homemade soup, i said hello this his room mate (myfriend) who had fallen of the face of the planet for some time now. and bid everyone adieu.

i think i'm more of a tiger type, anyway.

i wore this

mayle shirt, american apparel skirt, rachel comey brogues
it was raining that day. so i decided to wear this to brighten up my day.

right now with the cold weather but sunny days (well insppite of the rain yesterday), i've been wanting to reread fairy tales and what not.
these are some scans that sort of illustrate what visuals i want to read about.
from lula and vogue.

helmut newton 1994 from vogue

i am going to re-read francesca lia block's the rose and the beast. its re-interpretations of old folklore and fairy tales.
i just went on her website and saw that she has at least 5 new books out. while she writes for young adults, i still feel this carnivorous desire to devour everything she's written in one single sitting.
i have a goal over xmas break now!

anywho, ttfn!
ta ta for now!