Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ny shows

so...i've been a horrible blogger, however my thesis is almost ENTIRELY DONE. i just need to get it off to the printers and voila, much more less stressed caroline.
and i also just wrote a paper. so yay.

here are some of my reviews of ny fashion week.
all are from either jezebel or

i love rodarte, prolly as much as lil tavi-toodle does but i was not digging fall '10.
one of the things i love about rodarte is that the mulleavy sisters seem to function much more as artists than designers (i realize i am opening a can of worms style debate about design vs art- myt personal opinion is that design is art and art is design) b/c they arent designing for themselves and they seem very un interstd in fashion. marc jacobs doesn't design for himself necessarilly but he seems very fashion forward and conscious of clothing.
but i digress.
i've always enjoyed their wood nymph dreamlike style, their dresses (which are made with such low production numbers) are like handwoven sculptures. they even show in a gallery.
the mulleavy sistesr have no background in fashion, albeit one in costume design,and i'veenjoyed that. i think that comes across in their clothing, tthese collage of fabrics they tend to use
but this season,it was quite apparenent and not ina good way, that they lack super fine tailoring skills, tailoring a la savile row skills.
it looked sloppy, ill planned,and something was off
the line is young, and mistakes help one grow.
but i wasn't feelingit, not at all
even these two, i feel BLAH about.
Rodarte is about lux, luxurious fabrics and ephmeral dream states. The inclusion of silken flower prints looks cheap (esp given their price points) and too direct, too much of a verbal statement instead of the ambigious sigh vernacular they have usually given us.
They work best when they give their audience hints as to what is being reinfrenced and what their seasonal influences are.

oh boy
i want itall
each season scott schunberg's boy gets better and better
its understated but cool,with amazing details and this time, a lot of print!
the whole collection,over all,was super '70s themed,but these were three looks i actually may break the bankand buy.
especially that jacket- if faye dunaway version of bonnie and clyde had included more winter scenes, she would've been all up on this.
want want want.

rachel comey
you know, i was not as impressed as i thoght i'd be. but i kind of love anything rachel comey does and will most likely definetly buy some of her fall staff
it was a lil too dark, a lil too '70s style for me
my favorite looks

cynthia rowley
Cynthia Rowley'sfall 2010, described by as "The "chic monster-girl collection" was how Rowley described Fall, and it was heavy on volume and texture."
i am just now really getting into her stuff. i also love that she designed a dress andprint made from photographs of her clothing,which she is selling through a gallery. next week i amgoing to check it out and ill post about it.
im becoming pretty obsessed with this collection. it looks like affordable and more wearable rodarte and i mean that with the highest compliments.
it's still weird and slightly avant garde but incredibly incredibly wearable.
look at these details- lace, fringe, silken print
im excited to see these in person when they hit stores

marc jacobs
pretty much looks like a romp through a thrift store, which is fine if you can afford marc jacobs
i really do like this collection, and imsure,like all marc jacobs things,there is use of fine fabric and wonderful tailoring skills
and as much as i want everythign in here, i want to be more wow-ed.
his stuff is expensive to look like impeccable beacon's closet type fines
that being said,i will be diggingaround UAL in the next couple of months to try to buy this collection.
i really do like it. but i wouldn't buy any of this.
sofia coppola wold love this entiercollection, i bet u.

proezna schouler
their aesthetic keeps changing. cathy horyn came to parsons to talk about fashion and what not and my friend monique said her critique on proenza schouler is that they havent really figured out who they are yet. which i can kind of, definetly see. that being said...i really loved these looks. their first collections where kind of sexy, then there is their ulitiarian ps1 bag (which i have dreamed about...which is odd...but mandy moore was in that dream and she carries that bag- so maybe that explains it in an utterly bizarre way?)
anywho, these dresses and looks are kind of insane but still have a similar aesthetic. also, the prints are different but not radically from last season. maybe they are hitting their stride?

and here is one look i love from anna sui
i've shopped at anna sui since 6th grade and it really is one designer, where no mtter what, i find something i like. and i'm not even really into boho stuff. but yet everything season, i find one thing i love.
i just want everything in this photo.

also here is an awesomely dressed girl named jen, shes in vintage and from my large format class

also, here is me (sophmore top, marc jacobs dress, moicun tights, rag and bone boots). it was the opening of the 2nd senior thesis show and i bartended. i made 14 bucks. and the wine was even free! yay.

so off to print out a paper
bye lovelies

Thursday, February 18, 2010


so yeah, its past ash wednesday and i know it's thursday
but happy belated mardi gras!
as soon as i landed on fat tuesday (back in new york city) i had to run to classes and do errands and other un-fun things when compared to the fact that carnival was still happening
well whatevs.

here are some awesome photos i took!
but maybe some explanation
some street style i shot
mardi gras is always interesting to shoot b/c it is essentially like halloween. the more ridiculous one looks, the more beads that person will catch b/c they will stand out. it's also an excuse for people to wear gold, green and purple rugby shirts. new orleans, at it's core, is super super preppy and genteel southern. we are talking seersucker suits, buckskin shoes, and collared shirts galore. the sartorialist would have a field day.
however, i tend to look for ppl that look interesting while still in an outfit. not a costume but an actual outfit.
here is what i came up with

i just realized that one girl is in there twice
oh well
okay so boy playing guitar, his name is saul, he is a street musician friends with my friends form nyc.
girl in blazer with green pin (alexander mcqueen pin apparently) works at UAL, or united apparel liquidators store. prolly the best clothing store in new orleans. where else can you find 100 dollar alexander mcqueen skirts? nowhere.
girl in lady gaga esque bow, right at buffalo exchange
and then, of course, the lovely monique.

okay so...aside from bouncing around parade routes
my mama and i went to the quarter on lundi gras (monday) and we went to UAL!
and this is what she bought me
(so it's horrible quality, i shot these in my room with no sunlight...)

phillip lim top, around 30 bucks, thakoon dress-200, marc jacobs belt- 100
i mean...this is ridiculous right? THESE ARE STEALS!!!! and all of these were semi well received and coveted pieces

mommy in the quarter in front of a mardi gras house

oh and then i went to a warehouse party
that was kind of fun. i stood on top of a punching bag to take photos. prolly not my best idea since punching bags are circular and tend to pitch and roll.
but im fine! and the photos seem to be sharp

my friends dizzy and matt

my friend bobby dressed as a cake of some sort

and look!
a float and the lovely monique

anywho, tata for now kids!
i have more work to do and not enough time to it in!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

RIP Mr. McQueen///// mardi gras update

what a simultaneously sad and joyous blog entry this will be.

first the bad, then some sugar to help swallow this horrible news.

alexander mcqueen committed suicide a handful of days ago.
tavi is in tears, according to her blog.
cathy horyn remorseful and saddened.
the sartorialist is somewhat shocked.
but the sartorialist really put into words how i felt.

he said and i quote " There are people in fashion I always figured I'd meet sooner or later.
I'd meet them in a very natural way (introduced by a mutual friend at a party or something) and the encounter would be so much more meaningful that way. McQueen was one of those people I felt I had time to meet. I almost wanted to save him for later. Not a conscious effort but just a concept. Well...I'm sad that won't be the case.

I hope we all remember him for the genius he brought to fashion. "

that is how i felt about owning a mcqueen. i was a fan from afar. i knew that it was always out of my budget but one day, i kenw i would have a proper occasion, to walk into the mcqueen store and really own a piece of sartioral artwork.
i have one skirt of his i bought at a liquidation store.
it is everything you would expect, impeccable made, incredible stitching, the most amazing and minute details.
it's black.
and no, its not on the blog yet.
i am saddened, definetly, by the loss of mcqueen. he consistently delivered great show after great show.
but i never knew him. and humans are mysterious creatures. we will never why or what.
long live mcqueen!


onto mardi gras.
it has been oh so cold here, unusually cold for mardi gras!
i arrived thursday night, and went to a show.
last night i went to another music show
i have been hanging out and bouncing around the marigny/bywater area and hanging out my with my musician and street performer friends.
their style is so unique, so put together while falling apart.
its equal parts dandy and punk fuck you.
i adore it.
here is seamus

more performers
the accordion player, man that boy has style and personality to boot

here are my friends jessy and dizzy playing!

some stuff i wore bouncing around
thursday night

topshop top, issey miyake skirt, rag and bone shoes
friday night

lyell romper, jeffrey campbell shoes

oh yeah
and on saturday
iris parade, float 22-b
our theme was something about bakers.
seems fitting, considering the amount of pie i bake
and also, cos we were riding this family, the brennans, who own many amazing restaurants in new orleans and one in houston.
so a pretty fitting them all around, i'd say!
me and my mommy

some stuff i shot from the float, inbetweenst tossing some beads

so just a note...beads are covered in paint. and today, it was sunny. when throwing the beads, the paint would flake off and catch the light and glitter like confetti. my entire vision, even to my periphery, only saw shiny dust. it was really lovely looking.

now im off to a brass band show with costumes.
tomorrow the goal is to look for street fashion during mardi gras, which is a unique and hard thing. you want to look awesome, b/c mardi gras is essentially like halloween but better. the goal is to look flamboyantly amazing but also be comfortable b/c you are sitting outside in the all of the elements.

see you soon!
ps im obsessed with the new tegan and sara cd "sainthood" super twee. i wont deny it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


big breathe of air, sigh of relief
just today i dropped off the majority of my negs to be (drum roll please) DRUM SCANNED!
yes yes the end is in sight for this thesis
hell yes my friends, we are almost rounding the corner and in the clear

what hvae i been up to?

saturday i went out with my lovely prof to some sample sales (lyell) and we went to stuart and wright, then we got lunch.
i found two lovely pieces at the lyell sample sale but honestly, there wasn't much to pick from. a birdie told me that she is just making less inventory so that people don't wait around for the sample sale, apparently rachel comey is doing a similar thing. this makes sense and is down right logical, why create so much clothing that people do wait for the sample sale. however, people wait for the sample sale b/c the prices are usually too high.
its a give and take.
anywho, i will reveal what pieces i bought next week when i am in new orleans for mardi gras, live blogging. its warmer there and thus, i can wear my two lyell pieces
on the way to my interview at refinery 29 (which i am now a photo intern! starting in february! im so excited!), i went into dunderdon, right next to opening ceremony and bought my newest and favoritest dress yet
its a smock
and it was ten bucks!

dunderdon smock, rachel comey brogues, three pairs of black tights (not even kidding)

and then i've been working on this self portrait project for large format class
i'm inspired by ej bellocq (a relatively reccent discovery by lee friedlander- bellocq was from new orleans and photographed the prostitues from storyville-an area that doesnt exist anymore in nola).
here are his images

i need to somehow make mine seem semi-contemporary. not jsut a send up of old images. it will be an interesting process, to say the least
here are mine

time to leave school!
its almost midnight


Saturday, February 6, 2010

oh, la

hello hellO!
this week has been rather hectic, what with finalizing my thesis but i'm almost in teh clear.
i just need to get things drum scanned, spotted, color corrected printed and framed all by the end of february or rather feb 24 (thats my deadline for myself)
i want them at the framers by feb 26th, mounted and framed by march 15, so i can put them up by march 25th.

some scans from W, which is becoming my go-to magazine
portraits of lone scherfig, jane champion and shirin neshat all by taryn simon (an amazing art photographer- i love how semi awkward these portraits look)

some outfits
including one i am wearing to another internship interview for refinery 29 (fingers crossed)

interview out fit- topshop black shirt, isabel marant dress, hansel from basel tights, rag and bone boots, vintage lanvin scarf

rachel comey sample sale dress, tatty devine necklace, rag and bone shoes

bye loves!