Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ny shows

so...i've been a horrible blogger, however my thesis is almost ENTIRELY DONE. i just need to get it off to the printers and voila, much more less stressed caroline.
and i also just wrote a paper. so yay.

here are some of my reviews of ny fashion week.
all are from either jezebel or

i love rodarte, prolly as much as lil tavi-toodle does but i was not digging fall '10.
one of the things i love about rodarte is that the mulleavy sisters seem to function much more as artists than designers (i realize i am opening a can of worms style debate about design vs art- myt personal opinion is that design is art and art is design) b/c they arent designing for themselves and they seem very un interstd in fashion. marc jacobs doesn't design for himself necessarilly but he seems very fashion forward and conscious of clothing.
but i digress.
i've always enjoyed their wood nymph dreamlike style, their dresses (which are made with such low production numbers) are like handwoven sculptures. they even show in a gallery.
the mulleavy sistesr have no background in fashion, albeit one in costume design,and i'veenjoyed that. i think that comes across in their clothing, tthese collage of fabrics they tend to use
but this season,it was quite apparenent and not ina good way, that they lack super fine tailoring skills, tailoring a la savile row skills.
it looked sloppy, ill planned,and something was off
the line is young, and mistakes help one grow.
but i wasn't feelingit, not at all
even these two, i feel BLAH about.
Rodarte is about lux, luxurious fabrics and ephmeral dream states. The inclusion of silken flower prints looks cheap (esp given their price points) and too direct, too much of a verbal statement instead of the ambigious sigh vernacular they have usually given us.
They work best when they give their audience hints as to what is being reinfrenced and what their seasonal influences are.

oh boy
i want itall
each season scott schunberg's boy gets better and better
its understated but cool,with amazing details and this time, a lot of print!
the whole collection,over all,was super '70s themed,but these were three looks i actually may break the bankand buy.
especially that jacket- if faye dunaway version of bonnie and clyde had included more winter scenes, she would've been all up on this.
want want want.

rachel comey
you know, i was not as impressed as i thoght i'd be. but i kind of love anything rachel comey does and will most likely definetly buy some of her fall staff
it was a lil too dark, a lil too '70s style for me
my favorite looks

cynthia rowley
Cynthia Rowley'sfall 2010, described by as "The "chic monster-girl collection" was how Rowley described Fall, and it was heavy on volume and texture."
i am just now really getting into her stuff. i also love that she designed a dress andprint made from photographs of her clothing,which she is selling through a gallery. next week i amgoing to check it out and ill post about it.
im becoming pretty obsessed with this collection. it looks like affordable and more wearable rodarte and i mean that with the highest compliments.
it's still weird and slightly avant garde but incredibly incredibly wearable.
look at these details- lace, fringe, silken print
im excited to see these in person when they hit stores

marc jacobs
pretty much looks like a romp through a thrift store, which is fine if you can afford marc jacobs
i really do like this collection, and imsure,like all marc jacobs things,there is use of fine fabric and wonderful tailoring skills
and as much as i want everythign in here, i want to be more wow-ed.
his stuff is expensive to look like impeccable beacon's closet type fines
that being said,i will be diggingaround UAL in the next couple of months to try to buy this collection.
i really do like it. but i wouldn't buy any of this.
sofia coppola wold love this entiercollection, i bet u.

proezna schouler
their aesthetic keeps changing. cathy horyn came to parsons to talk about fashion and what not and my friend monique said her critique on proenza schouler is that they havent really figured out who they are yet. which i can kind of, definetly see. that being said...i really loved these looks. their first collections where kind of sexy, then there is their ulitiarian ps1 bag (which i have dreamed about...which is odd...but mandy moore was in that dream and she carries that bag- so maybe that explains it in an utterly bizarre way?)
anywho, these dresses and looks are kind of insane but still have a similar aesthetic. also, the prints are different but not radically from last season. maybe they are hitting their stride?

and here is one look i love from anna sui
i've shopped at anna sui since 6th grade and it really is one designer, where no mtter what, i find something i like. and i'm not even really into boho stuff. but yet everything season, i find one thing i love.
i just want everything in this photo.

also here is an awesomely dressed girl named jen, shes in vintage and from my large format class

also, here is me (sophmore top, marc jacobs dress, moicun tights, rag and bone boots). it was the opening of the 2nd senior thesis show and i bartended. i made 14 bucks. and the wine was even free! yay.

so off to print out a paper
bye lovelies


Kat said...

karen elson's outfit is fabulous!

Isabel said...

I actually love Rodarte! My favourite part was the lacey leggings, my least favourite was the jacket that looked like a carpet. Good luck with the thesis!!

louise or valentine said...

i normally adore rodarte but i was jsut so not into this one yet.
however, i do like that they tried to use a print.
and thank you!
i just took it to the framers! EGADS IM ALMOST DONE WHOAZZZ

M. said...

THANK YOU for telling me about that shirt... I need it now..hahahaha

lovelove, M.

louise or valentine said...

any time!
warning however, deerdana can take sooo long to ship. but its worth it!

miss sophie said...

just tagged you in my "favorite things" post - looking forward to seeing what your MVP picks are! ;)

Lisa S said...

Great comments and pictures from "ny shows". I love the pic of you and your outfit bartending at a senior show! much love from mommy!

stuff sonia love said...

awesome blog
thank you for letting me know about the pierre hardy sandals on Vanessa Jackman blog
i want them SO bad but it looks like it was previous collection and cannot find them any suggestion where i can get them?
i'm not crazy about the 2010 pierre hardy collection for gap.
thank you oxoxo sonia

bri said...

Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde is genius (and then you get to the wardrobe, which is incredible).

And where did your friend get her boots, by the way? They are absolutely fantastic.

louise or valentine said...

i do think they are pierre hardy for gap, actually