Wednesday, November 19, 2008

on the way to prague

so im off to prague tomorrow! i should be sleeping but honestly i have to be at victoria station by 4:30 am so i am waking up at 3 am. so in two hours. ahh. yes, i shall be sleeping much tonight.
anywho, i am uploading my pictures of paris onto flickr and a couple onto here! so paris was great and i just went for a day to visit taylor and take some portraits for my class. but we ended up exploring. i was feeling a bit down and i wasn't sure why. i thought maybe i just wasn't happy with london or central st martins. NYU's photo lab is just better than CSM's. however than makes sense, b/c CSM is just a fine arts program but NYU is specifically a photo program. thus, my tution money goes just towards photo. anywho, the lab at CSM, the equipment is rather old. and that has made things difficult. but seeing taylor, a close friend of mine from nyu, made things better. maybe i was just homesick. but taylor is one of the nicest people i know, she just cheered me up. i really missed her. we are going to hang out in texas over christmas break! we ate pain au chocolat and cafe au lauits and lemon tarts and falafel. we also took pictures at taylor's friend hannah's apt and i went and bought some lovely shoes at repetto. all in all, a lovely visit!

me in paris

pants prada
shirt urban outfitters
shoes thrifted marc jacobs
jacket built by wendy

i wanted to look influenced by europe, if that makes sense? at least, thats how i viewed the pants. it was a more sophisticated look for me. the pants remind me of charlie chaplin but arent as retro inspired as i normally dress and they are pants. they are a drop crotch with pleats on the front and a high waist. tapered at the ankle, they are made of stretch silk and hit three inches above my ankle. kind of awesome. all in all, i really loved this look.

some pictures of france. which can also be seen at
so i pretty much walked around and took pictures of things i thought were interesting. it's been a long time since i've done that. just taken pictures for the hell of it. not with any sort of idea in mind. it was nice.
tonight i went and did some night photography for myself. with photo, it's something i love and want to do as a career but also as a hobby. it stresses me out when i have assignments but also calms me down.

here are some pics of paris.

also here are somethings i wore this week ^^

shirt: james coviello for anna sui
skirt: marni
shoes: repetto jazz shoes that i purchased in paris!

headband: marni
shirt: comme ca play
skirt: phillip lim
shoes: christian louboutin

anywho. i should sleep. i'll get about two hours (woot). my trip will tire me out. i'll post bout that later.

love and such,
caroline who is bringing a disposable camera to prague and is turning 21 on teh 22nd (!!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

it's been a long, long time. since i've seen you smile

so i've been bogged with work! i completely forgot (well not really) that i have an essay due the 2nd of dec. along with most if not all of my work due the 28th of nov. looks like i shall be up all night tonight.
last saturday i went to paris for the day to visit my lovely friend taylor. i took a ton of pictures with my leica, which i shall post quite soon.

anywho. last week i had my big tutorial meeting, it was a six hour crit. on friday, i went out with my friend thomas, and made a new friend, martha. we went to some club/dance thing called 93 feet long, then to another club, where martha and i got in for free and so did thomas. we danced to some terrible music. the dj had no idea what he was doing. after that i slept for two hours and caught my early train to paris.
and i've been a-workin' and a-prayin' since then.

on to the outfits!

so this is what i wore to go out in on friday. i was so silly to wear heels b/c i had to wear them dancing for five hours! that's pretty intense for me.
top is from top shop
vintage belt
rachel comey "eye" skirt
repetto heels

these outfits are what i wore to class and to work in the photo lab during the week.

dress- lorick
vintage belt
topshop undershit
miu miu shoes

i just love winter shorts (thick wool with pleats and a rather boxy shape) in the colder months.
l to r
vintage thermal fuzzy pajama top
sonia rykiel shorts
vintage necklace
bunched up american socks
apc boots

monday after returning from dubai (my flight left at 3:00 am dubai landed at 7 am in london) i was so dead that i slept and just threw this on to go out and run errands.
lyell sweater shirt
american apparel tank top
apc shorts
american apparel leggings
repetto black flats

so my six hour crit. it's really all about comfort b/c i am just sitting or standing for six hours viewing people's work. and we are expected to give enthusiastic and in depth criticism for each person's work. but it's also the one of the few times i see everybody in my tutorial, so i like to look really awesome, you know, on the top of my game but still comfortable.
this is what i wore

sweater- marc by marc jacobs
shorts sonia rykiel
shirt- rachel comey "eye" shirt (i'm just in love with rachel comey)
socks- americal apparel bunched up socks
boots- vintage

so that's about it! i've just been catching up on lost sleep. which i guess is pointless now b/c im about to lose so much more sleep this week! bah. and oh well. as long as the work get's finished.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

worker bee

so apparently
i have a six hour crit on thursday and i need to show my work! so tomorrow, i will be printing all day just to have 6 working prints done. i want to have nine or ten images in totally but big prints. gah. i hope the crit goes okay. i think my work is going to be slightly off topic but veering towards a new topic. it was going to be about the gestural language of women. now it's portaits of women based on classical portraiture which is unfolding in a non linear narrative. it's a touch fashiony but i feel its more rooted in the work of vermeers paintings and inspired by fashion work i wish i saw but it is mainly portraiture.

so dubai was great! made some new friends (luke and ross, they work with my dad and stepmom but are 23. are a touch bro-ish but they seem quite cool). it was so warm, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. i'm still getting used to the weather there. i honestly used to not enjoy dubai but i knew if i just had some people to go out with, i'd like it. which is true. so i proved myself correct. hah?
some pictures.
i realized i left some summer dresses there, thank god, b/c i packed tights. so i packed for colder weather. but it worked out in the end.

so my first night in town, ross took me to his friend, daliah bin laden's graduation party. yah, she's a distance niece of osama. welcome to dubai is all i can say. she was super nice and was wearing a black shirt, flared jeans and a fedora.
i wore a betsey johnson slip dress and repetto flats.

so i wore this my first day in town to go to the mall- where there is an inside fake mountain that people go skiing on. its call the mall of the emirates, i want to say.
anywho, its a steven alan skirt i left there. a phillip lim skirt and miu miu shoes.

my dad and lamees (my stepmom) got invited to a dinner party being thrown by some of their friends. i met a cousin of mario testino who said if i emailed her my CV (resume) she'd try to help me get an internship. fingers crossed, b/c i love to be his paid assistant. that would a dream come true.
anywho, its a clue shirt, my trusty repetto flats and vena cava shorts.
after the dinner party, i went over to ross's apt and watched pineapple express and gone baby gone with ross, luke and ross's room mates.
all in all, quite a fun night.

though, one of ross's room mates, gareth, has appailing taste in women. he brought home this very drunk and dumb 31 year old who didnt know what the eastern seaboard one. i was a bit of a smart ass and was like you touches water, the atlantic ocean, eastern sea board?
ross was like dude. where you trying to start a fight? and i was was just explaining it.

my last day in town, thats my step sister cutting up and mugging for the camera and her friend with her
i am wearing a vintage skirt, fred perry shirt and the repetto flats.


tomorrow, i shall print!!!
oh my.

but for now, i'll finish watching silence of the lambs on tv. jodie foster has such an unfortunate haircut in this. o

ps. some pictures of my dad's backyard in dubai.

so i got bored in my room in dubai. and took this...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


today, i am so excited to have an american accent ^^
anywho, i'm packing for dubai. cos i leave in two hours to go visit my dad.
today is such a monumental day for america, we elected a black president, a great president! Yes, yes we can!

i was also sick for a couple of days and working like a fiend. here are some outfits.

i had to babysit so what i wore was a vivienne westwood sweater, my favorite tights- two tone by chanel, apc shorts and grey flats. the poor baby cried for most of my sitting time cos he just couldn't figure out his new bottle. it was so sad. i was like i know you're hungry! but but try the bottle again. he's a cute kid when he's not crying.

my dad was also in town and had a wicked case of food poisoning, so i was bouncing back and forth from his hotel to my apt to take care of him.

and i was also bouncing to class as well.

black dress- marc jacobs, tights APC, hat urban outfitters, boots rachel comey

middle pic- dress marni, necklace czech costume jewelery, tights from M&S and prada shoes

last- carin wester skirt, apc sweater with a heart applique, topshop hat and shoes stolen from carolyn
i wore this to go see Kenneth Anger films at the Shunt bar, which is this underground bar in these old brick caverns. it was such a cool place.

anywho, off to dubai!


am sitting at the aiport, watching gossip girl on my laptop (i download the 2nd season on itunes b/c gossip girl doesn't seem to exist in its current season overseas. i was very upset about this. GG is my guilty pleasure, not gonna lie)

and i have to say...jenny humphrey fashions, WTF? it's like hot topic and rip off betsey johnson fashion mixed with drunk electroclas (and i was a HUGE electroclash fan). seriously. that is some fugly shit.
case in point-

i wish i could find more pictures of what she was wearing...actually i bet i could do screen captures...i'll try that.
tada! grab plus their "guerrilla" slide show=me finding styles of J HUMP designs.

now i feel a tad bit harsh ragging on a fictional character, but she is fictional. so here i go.
now, they aren't terrible. but as agnes said, "be careful, its couture."well, honey, no, it ain't. it's not couture. it's some dresses a 16 yr old made, that are supposed to be edgy but aren't so. yes, they use fun colors but they are things already being made! i could find this stuff in a thrift store or forever 21 (btw, i am not damning those places- i shop at thrift stores and forever 21). granted, not all fashion created is new and different but if i were a buyer, which would be oh so cool, i wouldn't buy this. it doesn't look made that well and the price point would be too high for the intended audience, especially when hot topic makes really similar clothes as these for a waaaay cheaper price.
i mean, i sit here typing this in a vena cava dress i paid 300 bucks for, which looks retro inspired (most of my clothes look like vintage or are vintage). it's not that ingenious, just a purple dress that resembles a fifties day dress, but its a pretty color with beautiful pleating down the front. and cap sleeves that features with different colors of eggplant on it. those details make it beauitful and i feel like the craftsmanship can be seen from far away. J HUMP's clothes...don't look made that well. and the fabric aint that great. i am just saying.

here is the dress i am wearing. it is one of my favorite dresses. random note, sometimes i'll play a game and imagine if i could only have three outfits for the rest of my life, what i wearing right now- repetto blck flats, this vena cava dress and black tights with a black vintage belt, is one of them.

anywho, those are my thoughts. god, i just love gossip girl. and blair. i love how evil blair is and how snappy she dresses.