Friday, August 27, 2010

street style from london

london street style!
b/c my last day in town it was finally sunny
(also note- i thought i updated this around 3 days ago however however blogger didnt update! isn't that weird???)
but im back in nyc now.
and it took blogger ages to upload this post. anybody else having problems updating??

hope this works,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

greetings from london

surprise, it's raining here in london. so i haven't been able to take a lot of photos.
today, i attempted to head out to shoreditch but only got so far as hitting one shop and eating a swedish restaurant (what? again? weren't you just in sweden? more? but but but i love this restaurant...)
i also attempted to go see the nicholas kirkwood store
however, as that turns out, it won't be open until december!
so i called them and said i was looking for the rodarte collaboration, i wanted to see them in person, where can i find them? and then they sent me four photos of the ones carried at barneys and opening ceremony in the US
for your enjoyment

maaaan, these just make me wanna sell my kidneys or eggs or what not so i can afford them
so take it in, take it in!
i'm off to get worn, i'm soaking wet from all the rain today- yes, i am that person that doesn't bring an umbrella to england and then traipses around in the rain. i traipse! in the rain!
damn, i need a towel...

ta ta,

Monday, August 23, 2010

the style bubble and frou frou plus others have a rummage sale

after landing in london and then jetting off to brighton for the a few days, i came back and went to susie bubble's plus others (including frou frou)'s rummage sale.
however...i showed up late, and got lost-in my defense it was in a part of town i had never been in!!- but i found it and here is the writing on the wall or rather photographic evidence to prove it.

the yard sale opened at 10 am, and i showed up at around 1. there were still a lot of people around but a lot of the goods had been picked over.
here is frou frou and save our shoes

here is the lovely vic riches, and her awesome drawings

and one of the lovely hosts, susie bubble

and some very well dressed attendees

i had a wonderful time treking out there and talking to people, also enjoying the free food (chicken satay! and cake!) but also meeting new bloggers.
next time, i should follow one of my rules that i use for sample sales- show up there 5 mins before it starts. like fer realz.
more til later,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

stockholm street style and fashion week, III

hey all,
my last update of stockholm, since right now i am in london- so expect some london street style!
over all, i think i am super obsessed with danish and swedish style, as in incredibly obsessed. and this only makes me more excited for new york fashion week!
there is just something innately wonderful about Scandinavian fashion sense- something so architectural and modernist (perhaps related to their sensibilities with furniture and art?)
the photos

now i'm off to brighton!
ta ta,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

stockholm fashion week and street style 2010, 2nd update

Hey all,
Today was rather eventful, I photographed Bryanboy, and some rather other amazing people. Swedish fashion style, similar to Danish fashion style, is all about opaque black tights, architectural shoes, and beautiful, blousey and gathered shirt dresses and high, high avant garde heels. American fashion seems so much about flattering the figure and emphasizing thin-ness or what have you- it's more about hotness, but this is about art and fashion, fun with dressing. Nordic style seems way more cerebral when it comes to fashion and dressing. I like that, though, I like that it's about the women's interpretation of dressing and less of what will attract a male. The emphasis is what attracts me to fashion and my interpretation of it and less of what will a mate think, which harkens back to Alber Elbaz's view of fashion- he designs for the women that wants to impress herself and not a man, which is how it should be. Dress for yourself and no one else, what a nice idea to have.
now, the photos

check out these S-H-O-E-S, how amazing? def ankle breakers but so cool, and probs so hard to walk in. i love it, it's awesome.
until later,

Monday, August 16, 2010

stockholm fashion week

Greetings from Stockholm Fashion Week!
My trip has, thus far, been marked with some slightly tourist-y things (visiting the Moderna Museet and the Fotografiska, a museum all about photograpy. There was an Annie Leibovitz exhibit up, which I had already seen and a cool exhibit of Vee Speers work "the birthday party." With her muted color palette and use of children as the protagonists in her portaits, it does have a lot of similarities to Loretta Lux. I enjoyed it. There was also a small of exhibit of Joel Peter Witkin's work and some recent pieces I had not yet seen, though I preferred his earlier work. His newer work looks too much like vintage photography and he sort of tones down the fantastical elements of his work, which I always felt where his strong suit.
Today and yesterday I shopped and explored different areas in Stockholm. I have been to three different Acne stores (which was wonderful!), I went to SoFo, which was interesting, I went to various vintage stores, like Repris and a boutique called Tjallmalla, both on Bondegatan. I also fell down 4 stair steps at Weekday and now have a rainbow of bruises covering my legs, thankfully no one saw me take that tumble. I also stumbled (figuratively) upon the Elle Pop-Up Shop and Cafe, which was wonderful. They have wifi, delicious tea and they are soooo close to where the shows are being held. Prime location.
Ok, enough chatter! Here are some street style shots.

ta ta,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

copenhagen fashion week post 3

so i am in sweden right now but here are some photos of copenhagen fashion week.
photographs from the special sale at monki store (a japanese clothing store that had bubbles! yes bubbles while you shopped! it was wonderful)

near city hall

over and out!

Friday, August 13, 2010

copenhagen fashion week 2

hey all
copenhagen's been insane, like so freaking lovely. yesterday i met either the nicest person in the world or a guardian angel. he invited me to jean phillip's fashion show (think rick owens drapery and harem pants in nude, soft gray, and light pink hues all for men) and gave me a backstage pass for the day. like, whoa in deed. then i ended up getting to sit second row.
and honestly...i was totally into this collection. i wouldn't say it's ground breaking (again, i compared it to rick owens and drapery has been widely used) but i loved that it was used for menswear, and especially the use of such a restrained color palette.

anywho, some people that i shot

designer anne mette

some awesome updos

i love the colors in this photo.

and per usual, the bust blog posting if you want to see it.

til later,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

greetings from copenhagen fashion week!

hey all,
i just got to copenhagen this morning. i kind of have a huge crush on this city- its beautiful, old looking, perfectly over cast- in my head it's the perfect european version of seattle (i've never been to seattle).
mama and i are staying in hotel fox, where every room was decorated by a different artist. ours was decorated by a handful of spanish graffiti artists and illustrators. it's small and cute, though it could've been up-kept better (there are some marks on the walls, obviously from wear and tear).
i'm also blogging for bust- check it out here
photos of the hotel

that is the ceiling

walking around copenhagen, i stumbled upon a handful of different shops. my two favorite were storm, henrik vibskov and wood wood.
photos of wood wood:

why, yes, those are some comme des garcon TENNIS SHOES. and why yes, me who never ever wears tennis shoes, totally wants them. it's probably due to the fact that they have an adorable heart shaped face on them.
some photos of henrik vibskov

kron shoes! not in my size though...

that was in their dressing room

and of course, some AMAZING street style photos

the prints on her pants seem very moicun-like. that is what drew me to her outfit.

i loved the color combination and how the shoes just pop. maybe it's being in europe and only having a wee, small suitcase but i find myself lusting after some really cool kicks. i haven't wanted tennis shoes in ages and this girl just wears them so well.

this last photo was definitely my favorite of the day. i was wondering around and thinking man i want to find some one dressed so avant garde, so carefree. i wandered into storm and found the best dressed person. her name is Alberte and you should check out her blog.

some now i am off to sleep, its late here for me, it's 11 and i am just so dead tired. mildly jet-lagged.
ta ta,