Friday, October 30, 2009

back from new orleans

and back to the grindstone!
midterms are still continuing for me, hence the erratic-ness of when i update.
but i am going to try to start updating three times a week (oh gosh caroline- so many!)
new orleans, mississippi and texas where great.
though i am going to start to try to include studio lights in portraiture. which will be interesting. i am a little afraid to do it, only b/c it requires carting the lights from new york (from my school) to new orleans (there arent any places to rent lights down there, i''m afraid...)


somethings i shot a while ago that seem interesting.

my friend bobby had a birthday party and it was at his house.
his kitchen

monique at bobby's

bobby on piano, dizzy on washboard and matt singing

dancing zebras in bobby's bedroom

me in my vintage coat, vintage '40s dress, vintage '40s wedding hat, repetto oxfords with a heel.

monique asleep in bobby's room

i cannot wait to post the photos im taking during halloween weekend

tata! be safe!

Friday, October 23, 2009

on my way to new orleans

so i'm going home for about five days to continue to shoot my thesis, which is on southern identity and my family. it's going okay, i feel a bit stuck so this trip i am going to try shooting more theatrical and actually shoot outside of the house, ie within parks or landscapes.
imma give it a go. friend omar mullick has a show up called "you can't take it with you" at gallery fcb in chelsea. it's about muslims in america. it's really luminous, some of the photographs are handheld and in soft focus, but there are also panoramas. they are all in black and white which really adds to the sense of grace. you can really sense the displacement, everything feels very ephemeral.

my friend nick, with way way better hair than i have, especially if i just chopped my hair into a bob.

omar's photos!

what i wore to see the photos.

getting cinnamon ice cream from the truck outside of the gallery. i love cinnamon so much.
prada jacket with lace

maria cornejo dress, topshop belt, anna sui tights, rachel comey brogues

from the weekend!
martha and norah's thanksgiving party (haha it was early!) and sean's bday

matt martha monique (in a edwardian romper i traded with her!) at sean's bday

teh back of monique at sean's bday

norah and martha's food

ttfn! the plane is here!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


what a busy week!
i had my first midterm of my senior year (whoa there) and i've decided to enter an international photo contest. i'm worried cossss my portfolio/thesis ain't done yet and so i don't really have complete body of work other than the stuff i just shoot of my friends but who wants to see oh hai i did this this weekend mr professional photo kids?
so i'm meeting with a teacher tomorrow orrrowow so she can help me edit.
my room mates parents came into town and feed us delicious brunch today. and my other room mates dad comes in a week. we've had a month of being ridiculously well fed due to parents visiting. which is always always lovely

i also saw where the wild things are. it was awesome. there wasn't really a plot but any fan of the book will tell you that it's 20 lines of dialouge only allow for a simplistic plot. i really really enjoyed it. i think it was totally indicative of a young boy's childhood.
they are wild things, no?

also, weds (last weds) i went to see the ruby suns and the dodos at the bowery ballroom! my friend kat knew the percussionist (i think he plays the vibraphone or something) all in all, a good show, though a fight nearly broke out right in front of me between a fratty looking chubby guy with a shaved head and a really drunk obnoxious preppy guy.
kind of hilarious but my ankle got stepped on. at least teh camera wasn't injured!

kat and ketin, the vibraphone player of the dodos

the dodos playing

this is what i wore to school and the show.
3.1 phillip lim cardigan, issolleani necklace, rachel comey skirt

this was taken on the photo floor. we have a show up right now called posing beauty- it's about african american photography and concepts of beauty within portraiture. really great stuff
3.1 phillip lim top, rachel comey skirt, repetto shoes

from my friend's bday party a week ago. i was supposed to go to burlesque afterwards but that ended up not happening. oh well.

vintage '60s dress, i altered the neck line so it would look like this. it used to go all the up to the base of my neck with a peter pan collar, but i like this better.
snakeskin belt, prada shoes

thrifted '40s jacket, snakeskin belt, 60s dress, prada shoes, backseam stockings.
kind of hot. i liked how this came out. i wasn't sure if it would work b/c of how short the jacket is, but it worked out pretty nicely. dare i say.
also the backseams where a hit at the party. this one girl named inna, such a dollface, was really enamored with them. they are from american apparel, much to people's shock.

and this weekend, a bunch of my friends threw some parties. so i went to those. and clearly, the theme of the weekend was omg avoid the rain. so i wore my rachel comey brogues cos they are water proof and are 3000x cuter than rubber wellies.
oh a funny thing about the leopard dress. i wore it to this party and two guys there, who were both at least 8 yrs older than me, spoke to me during the soiree, asked for my number and also said i was beautiful. not pretty, or cute but beautiful. so this dress has magical powers or just really appeals to the 25-35 yearl old male demographic.
and to be honest, i'm not digging for compliments here, but i was just shocked at the choice of words. like really? beautiful? oh..okay! how nice.

rachel comey dress, nude anna sui fishnets with butterflies on them (!!!) and rachel comey brogues

my favorite eatery is going seasonal and all of my favorite dishes are disappearing! in honor of that, i wore this mayle dress. and cried into my eggplant toast :(

mayle dress, thrifted belt, rachel comey brogues

back to the grind stone
Ta Ta For Now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a great week in nyc

some photos of this really awesome week i had, a week ago!
essentially, mom came to visit and i lived in a wonderland of jazz, low lighting, feathers and backseams for about four days. then i had a paper. so here are some old images that i adore and i took them fairly, FAIRLY recently

vintage dress, phillip lim belt, repetto flats

monique, per usual, in vintage. me in vintage with a phillip lim belt

burlesque at duane park, tribeca

monique at duane park

our lovely friend pandora

the lovely pandora!

lovely ladies from the jazz lawn party on govs island

people dancing at the jazz lawn party

people dancing at the jazz lawn party

my friends and i.
the amazing willy gantrim ( his girlfriend aviva (in vintage- the belt used to be her grandma's!), monique and me (all in vintage pretty much)

close up of my prada shoes

and then my mother's last day at the bowery. i said goodbye to the bit of green i used to see from our windows.
good bye green space!

vintage hat, boy by band of outsiders trench, american apparel back seams, miu miu shoes, marni skirt

vintage hat, j crew shirt, marni skirt, miu miu shoes, anna sui snake necklace

adieu dears for now!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

agave nectar and honey are two completely different things

since getting the ear infection (cos this is the only one i've ever had and ohhhhhhh boy, im so glad its over!) i've been eating a lot of greek yogurt and honey. well, we ran out and my lovely friend emma, who's been staying with me for bit b/c her apt has bed bugs, bought some agave nectar. and while its doesn't have the same taste and consistency of honey. maybe i just prefer my sweeteners to be partial digested by bugs that harvest it like miners harvest salt....

but in other and better news:
i'm over my cold!! i had a wonderful weekend with my mom! i shot on film!
but mom is gone now. she stayed at the bowery hotel, so i pretty much lived there during the weekend.

we went to the jazz lawn party, my room mate's show, and did tons of shopping and eating.

here is a peek.

the bowery hotel
me in '30s vintage dress, prada heels, american apparel tights
monique in '20s dress, '20s heels

the jazz age lawn party
me in '40s, monique '20s and i actually dont know the other woman.
but what is cute about this photo is that monique's father took it!

my mom at moto- this awesome bar/resturant that looks like an abandoned building from the front

my room mate bennett's band. bennett jackson and the ranch hands. mom and i went to his show after going to moto. they played at pete's candy store- such a neat venue.

but on a completely different note:
i am kind of really over nylon. what started off as a great, interesting magazine that catered toward's artistically inclined fashion lovelies from the ages of tween to carrie bradshaw is now just kind of homogenous. i mean...all it is are graphics now and this downtown alexander wang type style. all of the fashion spreads look the same issue after issue. there isn't anything new about it. in fact, it is so "edgy" all of the time, that it's now about as artistic and clever as white bread. this isn't necessarily a bad thing- b/c you know what you are getting with nylon now- "nylon" is now creative style, i guess. but it's just boring. and there barely any fashion shoots! WTF!

but then again, i should've known it was all downhill for this issue when i saw the cover. shakes head, oh megan fox.