Monday, March 29, 2010

a sneak peek at my thesis and a couple of images i shot a while ago

until i can upload all the images individually which will be thursday most likely

imagine if you will
thursday of last week
our twee heroine wakes up early, and dresses. she traipses to brooklyn quickly for a shoot. this shoot ends up taking over her life from the hours of 11-6 pm. her show starts at 6 and her class at 2. post shoot, fixing the images and arranging them, all hell breaks lose. our heroine doesn't understand what the client wants, the client doesn't understand the questions the heroine is asking. oh jeez and oh no.
but never fear.
she is grace under fire. running around in the cat print miu miu skirt, j. crew button down, and hermes twilly (also cat print), a smile remains fixed on her face while she multi tasks. class ends early and our girl heroine turns into a LADY heroine with 6 inch platform marni shoes to complete the look.
with her wine in hand and her mother and grandmother around, our lady heroine is quite happy with her thesis, which is aptly named foundations and is about the culture of her family, particularly focusing on portraits of her grandmother, mother and aunt.

marni shoes, j crew shirt, hermes twilly, miu miu skirt

and b/c i was lacking some content
some really old photos i took of my friend lilly

ta ta!
i have ANOTHER Show going up this thursday at the calumet gallery space!
it's nude self portraits
if you are in nyc, come out and see it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

a cold before my thesis?!?!?

spring break was a wonderful little break.
i checked out a 4x5 camera and took so many many photos in new orleans.
however, now being back in town, the good weather, the SUNNY weather has made me feel all sickish.
and my thesis is this thursday!
oh my thesis is this thursday!
if any of you lovely readers are in town, come by thursday from 6-8pm at 721 Broadway to see my work. and maybe even meet me in "real life" dare i say?

some photos of spring break

rachel comey top, chloe shorts
shopping in soho for my thesis outfit!

something i took for lighting in new orleans
monique's back

me and my wista!
built by wendy dress, vintage scarf, boy trench, vintage hat NEW GLASSES

hat detail to many last minute details!

Friday, March 12, 2010

beep blurrr

beeep beep beep blurrrrr whirl beeep bop bop
...caroline is still alive...but barely! however...spring break is here
static static crackle pop


some lovely little things i'm obsessed with and cant stop thinking about

a photography by my friend michael george
i want this tattoo...and i am so vehemently opposed to neck tattoos but this one is just graceful and stunning

prada fall '11

marni fall '11

a large format image of my friend hannah's family

a gary winogrand scan

this lovely photographer viktoria sorochinski
....her images are about maturing feminity, generational gaps between young parents and young children, and she is interested in pyschological conflicts, weaknesses, strengths, pathologies and more than anything, people bonding with one another...

was born in the ukraine, lived in russia until she was ten, and then moved to israel. has a masters of art from nyu.

i find her images off putting and slightly disturbing, particularly when consideing that the father and child in her photographs are actually father and child. but i like these. i like the composition, i like how things are off-putting, i like this dark story it's tellingand ilove how detailed her photographs are.
ilookat these and i want to make them.
i especially like the influence of costume and how cinametic these look. you can tell she is influenced by modern film and story telling.
if i were a fashion photogrpaher, i would want to make work similar to these. things very layered, where the clothing and set are equally as important as the composition and subject matter.
my teacher was saying the other day that my style and tendency is go to all the way with imgaes that create semi narratives, i'll fill in teh gaps but that is just my style. dark or light nonsensical fairy tales or stories...

beep beeep whuuuuurl

Friday, March 5, 2010


this week has been somewhat of a blur
a blur of crazy catch-up, photo shoot planning, and not doing homework doing.
but that's alright, b/c things are slowing down.
i start interning at refinery 29 this tuesday, which is quite exciting.
today i did some shooting for them, i hope they like what i shot.

i did a photo shoot last week for lighting class
my goal was to a) show that i can light fairly well with two lights and a reflector (check)
b) do a nylon esque shoot at alisha's house (check)
as much as i loved shooting alisha's house, it didn't take much effort. but i am ready to start branching out and doing some shooting with large format film, outside, different styling. something more lula esque, like non-linear abstractive pictorial narratives based on fairy tales. like modern day fairy tales. those are the upcoming shoots i've been planning.
here ya go

some stuff i wore this week

urban outfitters hat
ebay marni shirt
ebay chanel skirt
hansel from basel tights
repetto shoes

new favorite gap tank top
hansel from basel tights
marni skirt
repetto shoes

ta ta lovelies!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

do you feel it?

that relief?
what does it mean?
every single image is done, done done!
now i just need to order cards and i'm set.

so this past week has been a blur what with catching up on classes (did three photo shoots, will post them soon!), hanging out with friends (a couple of birthdays happened), and i had dinner with the lovely aviva last night.
here is her home and me in it.
this is my version of sweatpants

karen walker vest, repetto jazz shoes, american apparel skirt


aviva herself!

in thrifted dress, vintage cardigan and tie, american apparel yellow tights and moccasins
also, best glasses ever.
she and i are going glasses shopping this saturday

also an amazing photo of aviva's parents from when they moved into their first apt

oh and i'm selling stuff on ebay!

have a wonderful tuesday!