Monday, March 22, 2010

a cold before my thesis?!?!?

spring break was a wonderful little break.
i checked out a 4x5 camera and took so many many photos in new orleans.
however, now being back in town, the good weather, the SUNNY weather has made me feel all sickish.
and my thesis is this thursday!
oh my thesis is this thursday!
if any of you lovely readers are in town, come by thursday from 6-8pm at 721 Broadway to see my work. and maybe even meet me in "real life" dare i say?

some photos of spring break

rachel comey top, chloe shorts
shopping in soho for my thesis outfit!

something i took for lighting in new orleans
monique's back

me and my wista!
built by wendy dress, vintage scarf, boy trench, vintage hat NEW GLASSES

hat detail to many last minute details!


Jocy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Not your cold -- that picture and that camera!

miss sophie said...

love love love that boy trench with the penguin dress - what a perfect spring outfit! best of luck with your thesis this week and congrats! :)