Sunday, April 26, 2009

hot hot heat

summer is here!
it was 85 degrees today, but i stayed indoors, writing a never ending paper. this will be a slow week for me (in terms of updates) because i have so much work due. more photos to edit, photos to print, resumes to hand out, papers to write, life(s) to live!

but somethings

so. two weeks ago, i helped my friend taylor photograph for her large format project. she was essentially shooting with a pinhole camera but using 4 x 5 negatives. the black and white image is what she took, while the color is from my disposable camera. taylor let me style myself, and i rather enjoyed our collaboration. taylor is very much into telling a narrative within her images and is less concerned with a lot of the technical details. she purposely wanted these fuzzy to make the images seem older- of an different era in photography and in life, which really gives these an ethereal quality. the styling was based of theda bara.

im wearing an araks bra, 1920's romper, a 1940's spring wedding headdress, and pearls i bought in china

taylor as the virgin mary.

me wearing an araks bra, vena cava shorts, chinese pearls, a necklace with a vintage pocket knife and 1940s wedding headdress

same as above but with vintage fur wrapped around my shoulders. and an elephant necklace on my head

and some outfits

this is what i call my pj look. it's dubbed that b/c i sleep in the tee shirt i'm wearing and this skirt is so comfortable, that it's like wearing pjs. in fact, i wore this twice last week.
tee shirt- built by wendy
hat- top shop
skirt-thrifted chanel cashmere skirt
tights- American Apparel
shoes- miu miu

the exposures for taylor's project were about 30 seconds. so this is me shooting into her mirror in her apt. i'm wearing an alexander wang dress with a vintage belt.

now. i must return to editing my paper and being a (semi) decent student!
but on a sad note, i went to mayle's last sample sale. i will write about that in a few days and post photos of what i purchased as well as photos from the event.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

taken on the photo floor

my home away from home!
is the photography and imaging floor.
its where i am four out of seven days of the week (it's only open six days)
most of my classes are there, most of my friends convene near there.
its a little hub of a home in the middle of manhattan.
and i like it.
i registered for classes and got every single one that i wanted.

i am almost a senior now, what a crazy thought?

anywho, in the next couple of days/weeks, i shall upload some of my thesis/portraiture project. yes, i am already starting it, we've been over this before.

anywho. i've beenc crazy busy but still cute as can be.

one girl had a bunch of beautiful chairs around video monitors for her thesis. her video was of her reclaiming various spots in her house, ie hiding under tables, moving things around, ect.
sweater- MM6
belt 3.1 phillip lim
dress- karen walker
necklace is a be-jeweled snake wrapped around my neck
tights- American Apparel
shoes- miu miu

part of our thesis goes up on our floor at tisch (hence the thesis sign) and the other part is downstairs in the lobby at tisch. anyone in NYC should go check it out.
its at 721 Broadway in Manhattan. its near broadway and W4th st.
trench- boy by band of outsiders
shirt- built by wendy
skirt- marni (this year's b-day present from my dad)
necklace- thrifted from beacon's closet
shoes- prada.
i sorta felt like this was my hi, i am your middle school art teacher look. which is always a great look. maybe it's the length of the skirt that causes me to think that.

anywho. i need to dash. i am going to two galleries today (danziger and hasted hunt) to turn in my resumes to perhaps intern there.
wish me luck!

love and sugar,

ps last night i baked with eggs for the first time in a long time (i am a vegan baker usually). and my snickerdoodles came out kind of bland! i want to try again, bc snicker doodles are amazing. maybe i should mix the sugar and cinnamon together. that could be it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh i'll twine with my mangles of waven black hair...

i've been in a huge carter family mood. this old school country phase started with jenny lewis, gained speed this summer with bob dylan, started to reach the summit with all my friends that play folk and now i think it's close to climax with the carter family. i love old school country. maybe i should just give into my texas roots.
also, i love dolly parton. she is amazing and so funny.

also, i've decided to learn the ukelele (which i have rented one) and am going to play at the grand ole opry. or i'll make a set that looks like the grand ole opry and photograph myself playing there.

good idea, yes?

the carter family!
such amazing women
this is mother maybelle with anita, helen and june (as in june carter cash, johnny cash's wife)

jenny lewis and the watson twins.
i am lusting over a dress like that. does anybody know how to search/describe that dress on ebay? i am drawing so many blanks.

my version of it!

polka dot vintage dress
3.1 phillip lim belt
american apparel tights
repetto shoes
this is in my room again. i really love this photo.

also, it's getting warmer in NYC. that means spring is almost here!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

some more photos

im on the look out for an amazing pair of heels that are comfortable. i am thinking i should just bite the bullet and buy some marni's. i hear they are ridiculously comfortable and they are so awesome looking. but i wear a size 41, so they seem really hard to find on sale. i guess i am going to have to ebay.
but i've been saving for a i can get a really amazing pair of designer shoes, but i want to shop around. i know i want them to be platforms, b/c stiletto heels plus new york city equals probably the worst idea in the entire world. i really just need things to be comfortable and comfort is key. i also were a ton of vintage and i need a shoe that is modern but can go well with things. i guess any ole pair of shoes can go with whatever, it's a lot about color and shape. what i have in mind is this amazing art deco dress (see below) and i want a beautiful modern shoe to go with it. anywho...i've got time and i should shop around.
but comfort is way more important than anything. b/c i live in brooklyn and i need to stop taking cabs. a lot less.

i really love these shoes chloe shoes.

courtesy of the cherry blossom girl!

oh and some things i've been wearing.

tsumori chisato shirt
apc winer shorts
moicun leggings
tom shoes
boy by band of outsiders trench
and my room mate taking the picture
this is my fire escape.

the art deco dress. shot through my window via my fire escape. i'll talk a better picture later.

this is my favorite. i thought about making this black and white but i do really love it in color.

see you soon!
also what are y'alls opinions about shoes. comfy heels. is that even logical?


Friday, April 10, 2009

i've been shooting only film lately.

hey kids,
i've been hard at work with school. mainly just scanning negatives and spotting them, re-arranging all of my new orleans work into clusters so it flows better. but i took time out of my school schedule and interning at maxim to visit yale! and also, go shopping.
one of my dearest friends, hannah, goes to yale. i just can't say enough amazing things about her. she's so talented (she has a book of poetry out- you can buy it here- and she is my style twin. we have very similar brains. i dunno, its hard having to describe someone you are incredibly close with online for those who have never met them. but i photographed her, b/c her style is so amazing and she is someone who i care about. i hope my portraits did her justice.
oh and i also went to yale to check out their MFA program for photography. it's my dream to go there. i'm going to move back to the south once i graduate, but just for a year, to build my portfolio for yale. i am pretty serious about this.

but onto the visual, less of the literary.

ben (hannah's other half) pretending to be bob dylan and me outside of his apartment building in new haven.
i am wearing:
vintage hermes scarf as a head band (borrowed from my mommy)
pants- steven alan
socks- antipast
shoes- repetto
sweater- vintage
shirt- sunshine and shadow

hannah and ben (i know hannah is probably like great picture caroline but it shows off her outfit!!)
vintage blazer
vest from ireland when she was 8, i think
anti past tights (like mine)
prada skirt (she wore this to prom! what a great lady)
old repetto shoes
ray ban sunglasses

hannah's amazing hat! i took this after we made dinner, which was delicious. homemade mac and cheese, collared greens and hannah's amazing pie.

me in ben's apt (hannah stays over there a lot, b/c dorms are small and terrible, whereas ben's apt is happy and big)
rachel comey dress
vintage slip
american apparel leggings
topsop hat

i took a couple of pictures of hannah in ben's bathroom. she just looks so otherwordly, as if the 1930s were suddenly personified in today's times. i feel like people, when looking at her, can tell she is an artist or a writer, that she projects this mystique and knowledge. i have more images but i felt like this is the one i should upload to my blog. the other ones are slightly more explicit but there is also something child like and serenely beautiful and candid about this one. i like the color palette in the image as well as how i composed it.
then again, i'm biased.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

mo' houston

more of shooting in houston!
more of my house. i did a little photo shoot. anywho..i'll have more of a real post soon.

the picture in teh background, which is obscured by light, is the first vintage poster i ever bought. it's a blonde girl from the '20s and its her profile.
prada skirt
steven alan shirt
vintage belt
old, old repetto shoes

forever 21 sweater turned into a cap
prada skirt- the first designer thing i ever purchased on my own
cheap monday shirt from raye
slow and steady wins the race birkin bag- from raye

vintage dress (from '60s, neiman marcus)
opening ceremony shoes
that picture, which is amazing, was left behind when we moved into our house! so of course, i asked/demanded that it be put in my room

cheap monday shirt from raye
pour la victorie dress- raye
repetto that i stole from my sister
this is my amazing front door.

anywho, im editing a lot of things that i have been shooting in new orleans. and i just got back yesterday from visiting yale. i stayed with my dearest friend hannah and i checked out yale's MFA program for photography. that's a dream of mine. fingers crossed.