Wednesday, April 22, 2009

taken on the photo floor

my home away from home!
is the photography and imaging floor.
its where i am four out of seven days of the week (it's only open six days)
most of my classes are there, most of my friends convene near there.
its a little hub of a home in the middle of manhattan.
and i like it.
i registered for classes and got every single one that i wanted.

i am almost a senior now, what a crazy thought?

anywho, in the next couple of days/weeks, i shall upload some of my thesis/portraiture project. yes, i am already starting it, we've been over this before.

anywho. i've beenc crazy busy but still cute as can be.

one girl had a bunch of beautiful chairs around video monitors for her thesis. her video was of her reclaiming various spots in her house, ie hiding under tables, moving things around, ect.
sweater- MM6
belt 3.1 phillip lim
dress- karen walker
necklace is a be-jeweled snake wrapped around my neck
tights- American Apparel
shoes- miu miu

part of our thesis goes up on our floor at tisch (hence the thesis sign) and the other part is downstairs in the lobby at tisch. anyone in NYC should go check it out.
its at 721 Broadway in Manhattan. its near broadway and W4th st.
trench- boy by band of outsiders
shirt- built by wendy
skirt- marni (this year's b-day present from my dad)
necklace- thrifted from beacon's closet
shoes- prada.
i sorta felt like this was my hi, i am your middle school art teacher look. which is always a great look. maybe it's the length of the skirt that causes me to think that.

anywho. i need to dash. i am going to two galleries today (danziger and hasted hunt) to turn in my resumes to perhaps intern there.
wish me luck!

love and sugar,

ps last night i baked with eggs for the first time in a long time (i am a vegan baker usually). and my snickerdoodles came out kind of bland! i want to try again, bc snicker doodles are amazing. maybe i should mix the sugar and cinnamon together. that could be it.


_nina_malvada_ said...

i love the second outfit..
especially the skirt and the pip-toe shoes along with tights.. :)

miss sophie said...

i love both looks - the colors are so lovely.

good luck on your internship apps! i went to danziger last winter to see the opening night sartorialist exhibit. it was totally mobbed but i was within two feet of scott schuman :)

louise or valentine said...

i know! it was such a good show (at danziger). part of what i enjoy about schuman's work is the amount of images on his blog, the sheer amount of collecting of interesting personas he has. but the show really forced me to look at each image as an individual portrait, something of which i had never done before.
however, i do think his images work better being smaller, such as on a computer screen or a book. apparently a book is coming out soon!

ps im glad you enjoyed the colors in these images! i shot these with a disposable camera. i kind of love that aesthetic. nikki s lee did some work that was modeled after disposable camera snapshots, which i think i may try to do.