Friday, September 30, 2011

Theyskens' Theory vs Theory

Today I was invited to a Theory event at Saks. I showed up, and I was super excited since I had seem some of the new Theory, which I had assumed it was Theyskens' Theory. Turns out, it was just normal Theory. There was this amazing sheer collared button down in a photographic glitter explosion print, in addition to leather mini skirts, velvet blazers and sleeveless wool drop waist dresses. 

A lot of these elements, leather, velvet, sheered collared shirts, and drop waist dresses are present in Theyskens' Theory. My theory on Theory, as clever and pun-y as that sounds, is that the success of Theyskens' Theory and the obsessive cult following it has garnered has gotten the attention of the bigwigs at Theory. If adding more of a "Theyskens" edge to normal Theory, while still keeping true to the basics that Theory sells, might add to an increase in sales, then why not do it? This is an idea that I like because, honestly, I have always found Theory useful but boring and staid. If a woman needs a slim cut suit, you go to Theory. If a woman wants a unique piece of clothing, it wasn't going to be Theory, until recently. What Theyskens is doing with contemporary fashion is brilliant or rather that he was hired at Theory is brilliant. Why not try to make basics more interesting and unique while still staying true to the brand?
Why not indeed!


from Theory's own website.

Theyskens' Theory

Images from Elle Magazine and

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bianca and Sean, Houston, or Me, Caroline, Getting Nostalgic About High School

These photos epitomize what I love about Houston or rather why it will always have a soft spot in my heart. I moved to Bunker Hill, a suburb of Houston but still considered a part of Houston, from New Orleans when I was eight. My mom thought we would only be in Houston for two years, enough time for my dad to set up the Houston office of his work place, and then move back to New Orleans. Two years ended up becoming ten years and then I went off to college. In high school, I dressed like a decora kid from Fruits magazine and I loved punk music. Houston, since it was so big, allowed me to dress any way I want and I didn't have to worry about my mother's friends would say if they saw me, b/c the odds of me running into them across town was slim to none. And since Houston was so large and we were a pretty far drive from Austin, it had a great music scene and all the bands I would like there on tour. Bianca and Sean, in the above photographs, remind me of my friends from high school. Some of them I don't speak to anymore, we fall out or "broke up" in the heartbreaking way that high school friendships end sometimes for one reason or another. Some of my high school friends are like my family and I can't imagine my life without them. Regardless, even though I don't live in Houston anymore, I feel pretty grateful for spending my awkward years there. It was a great place to run around, be exposed to art, to hear music, specially punk music in shitty clubs and go to all ages shows. It was kind of awesome.

And for good measure, here's a photo of me from high school that my sister recently posted on facebook.

 Clearly, I'm the one with the green hair. The girl in red shorts is my sister, and the girl in blue jeans is our friend Hannah. We were on a roadtrip with Hannah's mom. PS I'm wearing a Harry Potter tee shirt, cut off jeans underneath my pink Betsey Johnson skirt, black and white striped socks and my worn out black converses with bright pink laces that i wrapped around my ankles. I am too cool for words.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rachel, Houston

I love how Rachel's red maxi vintage dress has a delicate lace camisole peaking out from the top of the neckline. Also, I'm really into the various components of the outfit: the chunky brown shoes, the thin brown belt and the over-sized black cardigan are all thrown together but work really well as a whole.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Brian with the Porkpie Hat

One of my favorite songs is "Rudie Can't Fail" by the Clash. This could be the reason I have such a fondness for hats, particularly pork pie hats. 

"You think you're pretty hot
In your pork pie hat
But...Rudie can't fail"

This is Brian, an actor and dancer from New Orleans. Look at how his green watch pops against his neutral outfit, which is mainly browns, jeans and whites. The hat, vest, watch and bag really make the outfit what it is, which is super interesting. With men's fashion, it's all about the cut of the clothing and the accessories you wear.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Street Style-Anthropologie, New Orleans

This look exemplifies the perfect Anthropologie outfit but is also the perfect example of what an artistic and fashion inclined girl that lives in New Orleans would wear. Anthropologie style is rooted in a pretty and vintage aesthetic. It's for people that are incredibly artistic or visual and love treasure hunt when it comes to their furniture or clothing as opposed to shopping in just a department store or mall. Anthropologie takes these ideas and manufactures a whole lifestyle out of it to sell people, which is brilliant. It's the perfect store if you love the idea of combing over thrift stores, ebay and estate sales, but lack the time. Anthropologie will just do it for you; it's one stop shopping. 
In New Orleans, there are vintage and antique stores that are almost equal number to boutiques, and that is reflected in people's clothing. I see the mixing of vintage and modern, just like the woman above. Which is one of the reasons Anthropologie is so popular there. I love how she mixed an Anthropologie pin and heavy boots with a summery chiffon dress. The mix of the hard, the boots, and the light, the dress, work really well together.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Leila, French Quarter

Leila, photographed outside the New Orleans Anthropologie, wearing mostly Anthropologie. What I love about Leila's style is how it is super fashionable and super functional. She rode over to the French Quarter on her bicycle, which was about a twenty  minute ride. Her style reminds me of Katherine Hepburn with equal doses of Rachel Comey and colorful whimsy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Polka Dots and Red Hair, Houston

I love how the vintage yellow shirt and the navy polka dot skirt look so cute but almost basic and then you throw in her dyed burgundy hair, it just goes into a whimsical place. Maybe I just have a thing for super cute girls in super cute outfits that also get the biggest smile on their faces when I ask to photograph them? This was photographed in Montrose and her style is somewhat the de rigeur of the area. Great hair, vintage sunglasses, cute wedges, and a vintage or vintage inspired outfit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jess, Houston

Spotted in Montrose, wearing some vintage, looking super cute and heading to Australia soon.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leap, Houston

     Leap is one of those rare, stylish boutiques that happens to have every single label that I love but has the most engaging, friendly and non-intimidating staff I've ever met. While I was layering all sorts of crazy prints one on top of the other, we talked about fashion blogs, our favorite lines and the Marfa art scene all while I was milling around barefoot. It was absolutely delightful. And they offered to re-order some Rachel Comey shoes in a size 11, which is always a check plus gold star in my book.
     Owned by Susan (sitting) and managed by Kate (standing), they stock this charming Houston based boutique with Rachel Comey, Etoile Isabel Marant, Zero Maria Cornejo, Tucker and Suno. It's this place where I imagine the eccentric and well dressed gallery owners with dyed bright hair red as Ariel from the Disney's Little Mermaid clad in vintage Yohji Yamamoto and other artistic women of Texas shop. 
     Nestled next to the clothing in an antique wooden and glass armor are marble candy colored bangles, hug cuffs dripping with raw amethyst and big iron beaded necklaces. Leather sandals and brogues rest upon paint chipped metal tables in various parts of the store. It's one stop shopping for shoes, jewerly, and clothing that all aesthetically goes together. It reminds me of Bird in Brooklyn but with a tighter edit and a more varied demographic appeal. While Bird feels youthful with the amount of color and prints it buys, and truth be told, it's one of my favorite stores, Leap definitely seems to buy an older clientele in mind. I could see my grandmother and myself both walking away with full shopping bags, albeit lighter bank accounts, from Leap. I bought a Suno skirt from S/S 2011 that I had been eyeing for an age for a fraction of the price. 

 Kate, against Leap's blue wall. And more on Leap here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shut the Front Door

A/W 2011 Gold Glitter Miu Miu Shoes

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Harring at Collete

These shoes are so amazing, I bet they could cure cancer. I mean, who doesn't want little Keith Harring people collaged over your feet? And that are beaded so they are beyond shiny? These are pretty perfect, if I do say so myself.