Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leap, Houston

     Leap is one of those rare, stylish boutiques that happens to have every single label that I love but has the most engaging, friendly and non-intimidating staff I've ever met. While I was layering all sorts of crazy prints one on top of the other, we talked about fashion blogs, our favorite lines and the Marfa art scene all while I was milling around barefoot. It was absolutely delightful. And they offered to re-order some Rachel Comey shoes in a size 11, which is always a check plus gold star in my book.
     Owned by Susan (sitting) and managed by Kate (standing), they stock this charming Houston based boutique with Rachel Comey, Etoile Isabel Marant, Zero Maria Cornejo, Tucker and Suno. It's this place where I imagine the eccentric and well dressed gallery owners with dyed bright hair red as Ariel from the Disney's Little Mermaid clad in vintage Yohji Yamamoto and other artistic women of Texas shop. 
     Nestled next to the clothing in an antique wooden and glass armor are marble candy colored bangles, hug cuffs dripping with raw amethyst and big iron beaded necklaces. Leather sandals and brogues rest upon paint chipped metal tables in various parts of the store. It's one stop shopping for shoes, jewerly, and clothing that all aesthetically goes together. It reminds me of Bird in Brooklyn but with a tighter edit and a more varied demographic appeal. While Bird feels youthful with the amount of color and prints it buys, and truth be told, it's one of my favorite stores, Leap definitely seems to buy an older clientele in mind. I could see my grandmother and myself both walking away with full shopping bags, albeit lighter bank accounts, from Leap. I bought a Suno skirt from S/S 2011 that I had been eyeing for an age for a fraction of the price. 

 Kate, against Leap's blue wall. And more on Leap here.

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