Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Street Style-Anthropologie, New Orleans

This look exemplifies the perfect Anthropologie outfit but is also the perfect example of what an artistic and fashion inclined girl that lives in New Orleans would wear. Anthropologie style is rooted in a pretty and vintage aesthetic. It's for people that are incredibly artistic or visual and love treasure hunt when it comes to their furniture or clothing as opposed to shopping in just a department store or mall. Anthropologie takes these ideas and manufactures a whole lifestyle out of it to sell people, which is brilliant. It's the perfect store if you love the idea of combing over thrift stores, ebay and estate sales, but lack the time. Anthropologie will just do it for you; it's one stop shopping. 
In New Orleans, there are vintage and antique stores that are almost equal number to boutiques, and that is reflected in people's clothing. I see the mixing of vintage and modern, just like the woman above. Which is one of the reasons Anthropologie is so popular there. I love how she mixed an Anthropologie pin and heavy boots with a summery chiffon dress. The mix of the hard, the boots, and the light, the dress, work really well together.

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