Sunday, October 26, 2008

some pics of london

here are some of my portraits of girls. i am exploring relationships between girls via well as the role fashion and costuming play in portiature. there isn't alot to really illustrate the theme of work. but its getting there.

and also here are my version of tourist-y images of london. there are more to come.

all the images are shot with medium format cameras (bronica, hassleblod and a rollei)

in shoreditch, near spitalfields market i want to say...

in islington

katey in my vintage hat, vintage pin on hat, her own alice roi skirt, her own tights and shoes and a miu miu sweater. shot off sloane sq in a private parking area near clivden place.

kate in my comme d'garcon play sweater, her own vintage romper and vintage belt. shot in shoreditch on cheshire st.

me in an APC dress with black tights and gray repetto shoes. shot in chelsea off the king's road.

on a different note, i've been listening to this band called slow club. they are great. and i am quite in love with this song.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

colds colds colds

i got muhself a cold here in jolly ole londontown. caleb and i went out last night in shoreditch and got home at 3 am, i feel asleep around four. it was a good night! we made some new friends, hung out with my friend katey, it was nice. once home, i slept and slept and slept. he is currently out exploring and i am blowing my nose here. damn this cold!
hopefully tonight we'll see tilly and the wall
i am also currently watching the gilmore girls.
i think caleb and i are going to go out and explore and get tea. oh, what joy for tea when i am sick!
the photo project continues, i promise i'll post such things soon.i just don't have a lot of images thus...i would like to update when i have more. anywho, i think its going well. carolyn give me some ideas and i am going to try to photograph her mother's bridge group- its all older american ladies living in london. i am quite excited.

onto the outfits!

the orange skirt
so i had to run into school to scan while caleb explored yesterday and then we ran to shoreditch for awesome tea.

skirt- prada
hat- topshop
shirt- american apparel
shoes- stolen from carolyn (^^)
necklace- czech costume jewelery

green outfit
what i am wearing today while we explore cos caleb leaves tomorrow. i am wearing socks with my shoes b/c they are a touch small and rub blisters. the socks plus tights will help stretch the shoes out

green dress- ebay 3.1 philip lim
hat topshop
belt- vintage
socks- hansel from basel
shoes repetto

and here are some shots of london people. i went exploring a couple of weeks ago in shoreditch around spitalfields market. enjoy!

have a wonderful day,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a broken rollei but a new hassleblod

so my rollei broke. kind of. i can advance film but the numbers do not move. which is oh so great. so i bought a hasselblad bc its going to take a week to 10 days to fix my poor camera and i can't not work for that long of a period of time.
anywho, it was expensive.
tomorrow i am shooting two shoots and another one on sunday. i'm getting some work done, i'll post pics soon.
i also went babysitting, which went well. i enjoyed it. kristi, the woman i sat for used to babysit me when i was younger. oh, how small the world is!
some stuff that i wore.
and caleb came in town! we've been exploring and trying to decide a weekend excursion somewhere ^^
on monday night, caleb and i met up with ms milly and her boyfriend to go to cross kings pub to see a reading by the founders of FOUND reading some found stuff. a sword eater named brett loudermilk opened and it turns out we know some of the same people! he lives in nyc. i think i made a new friend. it was a great show, though. so funny. anywho, on nov 11th, they are coming back to preform in london right near uni so milly and i are going to go again.

though i do hope i can make it off the island (england not nyc) this weekend...i do hope so.

this is what i wore babysitting. i am a classy babysitter.
vintage necklace
vintage pink skirt
striped shirt bdg from urban outffitters
beige shoes prada
jacket prada
why i look so unhappy? really long exposures....(i was going to say priceless but i'm not that cheesy)

red shirt cheap monday
shorts apc
tights chanel
shoes repetto
cardigan fred perry
jacket built by wendy

i was originally wearing this on tuesday but i got caught in the rain! and became oh so drowned.

so it rained and i showered and changed into this

green dress steven alan
brooch vintage
belt vintage
shoes vintage
jacket burberry

it was copenhagen or bust this weekend (funds were insufficent b/c american debit cards got cut off abroad) but now PARIS OR BUST? maybe?

wanting to be a traveling bunny,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello again...

so i've been shooting like a fiend and got my camera fixed. then i thought it was still broken, yelled at someone over the phone and made a complete and utter ass of myself. wow, dont i feel like a polite, southern young lady?
i'm a touch ashamed of myself. but at least my camera is fixed! and i can use it.
slowly but surely the portrait project is coming along.

anywho, i've been out shooting a lot. so my outfits have been functional but still trying to be great looking. all of these are incredibly functional for school but i've been trying to introduce color into my wardrobe since london seems full of black and gray.
what's also strange is the weather. its cold but not too cold. i need something slightly heavier than a sweater, but not a coat. almost like a thick wool sweater. so i'm on the look out. my dad said to go get one and one that's a nice, heavy one. so i'm thinking about trekking to the marc by marc store here, HOWEVER i do know it'll be cheaper if i had just bought one in the states. o, rats! and applesauce!

orange printed dress
dress- rachel comey
black tights
pink repetto shoes (all from raye in houston,

gray dress- karen walker (from jumelle in brooklyn.
green tights- topshop
hat- topshop
shoes- 7 pound shoes i bought in brick lane

pink shirt with black detailing- a/w marc by marc jacobs 08
high waisted pants- grey ant (from raye in houston)
shoes- repetto)

hat- urban outfitters
top- marc by marc jacobs
sweater- forever 21
shorts- miu miu
shoes- miu miu
brooch- vintage, M for mammary glands

blue dress- lyell
belt- vintage
shoes- repetto

dress- mayle
belt- vintage
shoes- marc jacobs

on my way outdoors to shoot (am wearing the highwaisted pants with pink top right now!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

my first crit

so my first crit today was SEVEN HOURS LONG! granted, we had an hour lunch break and two tea breaks. but still. it was long.
however, i think i did really well! i am also the only one perhaps really adapt in the photography arts. i hope i didn't come off as bratty or know-it-all ish when i was talking about photography and explaining things, bc people were talking about photography. an example is the teacher, cluney, was talking about medium format but got some facts wrong. so i was like well..this is a medium format camera (pulled out my camera) and explained that theres 35 mm and large format, medium format is inbetween. and the sizes can vary depending upon the camera. i also discovered the photo area where i can print and the met the photo people who work down there. a lovely lady named jenny and i chatted for a while. she and i made jokes exposing film and how i am going to become good friends with her, andrew and shelly (the other teachers and technicans). i am excited to be in another small photography community. it's like nyu. it was nice to find my element again. the fine arts program deals with a lot of painting and drawing. but i liked how laid it seemed and it is rather chill.
anywho, i checked out a bronica today (b/c my rollei is in the shop- yes i am so sad, but it'll be fixed so soon) and plan on shooting some self portraits this sunday fairly early morning.
i realized that i need to shoot mini projects of people. such as i want to photograph carolyn and her mother, but i need a set of around five images (good images) that work all together from just her and her mother. from there i would pick out one image to work wiht my other models. so each set of portraits is really a set of five images and then i pick out what works all together. confused? or are you still there?


i also talked about how i wanted to do "smart" fashion photography. where its also about the image. the clothing is important, but its approached more like costuming, it is just as important as the background and hte model used. the colors have to go together and and and. i want it to be aesthetically pleasing but also considered "art" photography as opposed to "fashion." but maybe these labels are arbitrary.
i think that they are.
right now i am influenced by sandra freij. here's some of her work. it's lovely, i have such a girl art crush on her. (click on photography and then sandra freij)

but in other news, some items i am lusting after. the appeal of these is that...i see them also in my project. i thought i wanted to style it very 1960s, MAD MEN and vintage but i realized i want different aspects. i'll look mad men-esque, but each person will look different. i dont want it to look super styled, but i want it to look "real" w/ amazing clothes....
however, at some point, i want to do a styled shoot. just not now....

some things i am lusting after.

gary graham skirt that would hit at my high waist

i love the MM6 line. it feels so european and very easy to wear.

tsumori chisato dress. i would wear it with patterned tights and belt (per usual) around the waist

imagine these silver with a t-strap. i kneel to the altar of vivienne westwood. a movie is being made about her staring kate winslet (who i also adore). i am so excited. another fun fact- vivienne westwood designed the agent provactour uniforms.
vivienne westwood was one of hte first people i really called my hero. she helped invent and dress PUNK but also is a woman designer that built her own empire and did it with her own rules. she is just as unique and kickass as she was in the '70's. i want to grow up and be her.

more later,
caroline who is still brainstorming. and working. AND CHECKED OUT A MEDIUM FORMAT BRONICA WOOT!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

some more photos

yes, updating in the same day.
like what caroline?
well i found some more pictures.
the one of me and my mom is something i did last semester for self portraiture. right now i'm trying to think of a theme or project for my study abroad. i need to bring in stuff to show tomorrow (ie friday). i've been thinking about doing some portraits of people, that illustrate relationships of tension, or heigthened emotion, mainly dealing with women and their surroundings but i'd be open to including men as well. i've never really done portiature but i really enjoyed self portraiture. and i'd like to incorporate this image of my mom and i into my project.
i am in london and i feel like i should somehow incorporate this lovely city as a backdrop to this project. as another chaaracter in these portraits.
and i'd like fashion to play a rule. just like color and composition. i want certain things that i am enjoying right now to be in it. almost like a fashion shoot. but...more intellectual?
here are some examples of what inspires me and i want to shoot (the one i took is of me and my mom but most of the images seem to go yay...)

so i haven't posted in a really looooooooong ass time! but i promise, i'll update more! so right now i am in london.
it is cold, people wear dark colors, usually... however, its alot like new york just with a ton of trench coats.
i have my first day of class officially i can report about what art students wear...
anywho, watch for an update tomorrow or in the next couple days of what i'm lusting after and ect.

here we go.
some outfits.

kay, so. this is one of my going out and shooting dresses! even though we've technically started school here (a tri-mester system but i am still getting 12 credits for what nyu thinks is a semester, yes... ^^, i do have assignments. so i've been shooting. thus my outfits need flexibility.
the dress is from topshop (one is coming to america! for now there is
shoes are thrifted marc by marc jacobs. from...s/s 2002 i want to say.
long sleeve and stockings from some random shop in london.
jacket prada f/w 08. i love this jacket. so much. this was one of my favorite prada collections, the lace and ruffles were so lovely- very hitcockian. the one that tops this one in my list of favorites was resort 08 and s/s08. the long striped skirts, i lusted after them, as well as the fairy collection!

my friend katelyn pointed out that i love to wear things that are vintage or look vintage. it's true. often my inspirations are from the past. Right now I am obsessed with Mad Men and pencil skirts. but i am into the avant garde. this isn't that avant garde, but its quirky, an adj people use for me. oh man. but i think it looks vintage inspired.

shirt- marni.
skirt- rachel comey
shoes- christian louboutin
belt- vintage
brooch- vintage that my mom found for me in buenos aires.

what i love about this outfit (it was a going outfit for when my mom was in town last weekend, helping me get settled in my dad's apt) is that incorporates a lot favorites- i love marni and rachel comey, as well as vintage.


so i've moved into my dad's apt for this semester abroad. its nice, its near sloane sq but i do wish it was in the east end, but that's b/c a younger crowd lives there ie artists.

oh! just the other day, i ran into my old babysitter from the 5th grade. her name is kristy. i ran into her at the only whole foods in london. and she has a baby! and needs a babysitter. the world is so tiny.
and today in the mail, i get the best piece of post- my overseas absentee ballot. so kids, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

love and kisses