Thursday, October 9, 2008

some more photos

yes, updating in the same day.
like what caroline?
well i found some more pictures.
the one of me and my mom is something i did last semester for self portraiture. right now i'm trying to think of a theme or project for my study abroad. i need to bring in stuff to show tomorrow (ie friday). i've been thinking about doing some portraits of people, that illustrate relationships of tension, or heigthened emotion, mainly dealing with women and their surroundings but i'd be open to including men as well. i've never really done portiature but i really enjoyed self portraiture. and i'd like to incorporate this image of my mom and i into my project.
i am in london and i feel like i should somehow incorporate this lovely city as a backdrop to this project. as another chaaracter in these portraits.
and i'd like fashion to play a rule. just like color and composition. i want certain things that i am enjoying right now to be in it. almost like a fashion shoot. but...more intellectual?
here are some examples of what inspires me and i want to shoot (the one i took is of me and my mom but most of the images seem to go yay...)


KC. said...

the first photo you showed is this lady that taught my CHIPS class at NYU! she was pretty awesome. i love her stuff.

louise or valentine said...

mara is great. i really love her work. i asked her if i could, perhaps, intern for her and she said once she got her stuff organized.