Friday, October 10, 2008

my first crit

so my first crit today was SEVEN HOURS LONG! granted, we had an hour lunch break and two tea breaks. but still. it was long.
however, i think i did really well! i am also the only one perhaps really adapt in the photography arts. i hope i didn't come off as bratty or know-it-all ish when i was talking about photography and explaining things, bc people were talking about photography. an example is the teacher, cluney, was talking about medium format but got some facts wrong. so i was like well..this is a medium format camera (pulled out my camera) and explained that theres 35 mm and large format, medium format is inbetween. and the sizes can vary depending upon the camera. i also discovered the photo area where i can print and the met the photo people who work down there. a lovely lady named jenny and i chatted for a while. she and i made jokes exposing film and how i am going to become good friends with her, andrew and shelly (the other teachers and technicans). i am excited to be in another small photography community. it's like nyu. it was nice to find my element again. the fine arts program deals with a lot of painting and drawing. but i liked how laid it seemed and it is rather chill.
anywho, i checked out a bronica today (b/c my rollei is in the shop- yes i am so sad, but it'll be fixed so soon) and plan on shooting some self portraits this sunday fairly early morning.
i realized that i need to shoot mini projects of people. such as i want to photograph carolyn and her mother, but i need a set of around five images (good images) that work all together from just her and her mother. from there i would pick out one image to work wiht my other models. so each set of portraits is really a set of five images and then i pick out what works all together. confused? or are you still there?


i also talked about how i wanted to do "smart" fashion photography. where its also about the image. the clothing is important, but its approached more like costuming, it is just as important as the background and hte model used. the colors have to go together and and and. i want it to be aesthetically pleasing but also considered "art" photography as opposed to "fashion." but maybe these labels are arbitrary.
i think that they are.
right now i am influenced by sandra freij. here's some of her work. it's lovely, i have such a girl art crush on her. (click on photography and then sandra freij)

but in other news, some items i am lusting after. the appeal of these is that...i see them also in my project. i thought i wanted to style it very 1960s, MAD MEN and vintage but i realized i want different aspects. i'll look mad men-esque, but each person will look different. i dont want it to look super styled, but i want it to look "real" w/ amazing clothes....
however, at some point, i want to do a styled shoot. just not now....

some things i am lusting after.

gary graham skirt that would hit at my high waist

i love the MM6 line. it feels so european and very easy to wear.

tsumori chisato dress. i would wear it with patterned tights and belt (per usual) around the waist

imagine these silver with a t-strap. i kneel to the altar of vivienne westwood. a movie is being made about her staring kate winslet (who i also adore). i am so excited. another fun fact- vivienne westwood designed the agent provactour uniforms.
vivienne westwood was one of hte first people i really called my hero. she helped invent and dress PUNK but also is a woman designer that built her own empire and did it with her own rules. she is just as unique and kickass as she was in the '70's. i want to grow up and be her.

more later,
caroline who is still brainstorming. and working. AND CHECKED OUT A MEDIUM FORMAT BRONICA WOOT!


Isabel said...

The Agent Provocateur guy (Joe) is her son. So it only makes sense she would design the costumes.

louise or valentine said...

yeah i remember reading about that