Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a broken rollei but a new hassleblod

so my rollei broke. kind of. i can advance film but the numbers do not move. which is oh so great. so i bought a hasselblad bc its going to take a week to 10 days to fix my poor camera and i can't not work for that long of a period of time.
anywho, it was expensive.
tomorrow i am shooting two shoots and another one on sunday. i'm getting some work done, i'll post pics soon.
i also went babysitting, which went well. i enjoyed it. kristi, the woman i sat for used to babysit me when i was younger. oh, how small the world is!
some stuff that i wore.
and caleb came in town! we've been exploring and trying to decide a weekend excursion somewhere ^^
on monday night, caleb and i met up with ms milly and her boyfriend to go to cross kings pub to see a reading by the founders of FOUND reading some found stuff. a sword eater named brett loudermilk opened and it turns out we know some of the same people! he lives in nyc. i think i made a new friend. it was a great show, though. so funny. anywho, on nov 11th, they are coming back to preform in london right near uni so milly and i are going to go again.

though i do hope i can make it off the island (england not nyc) this weekend...i do hope so.

this is what i wore babysitting. i am a classy babysitter.
vintage necklace
vintage pink skirt
striped shirt bdg from urban outffitters
beige shoes prada
jacket prada
why i look so unhappy? really long exposures....(i was going to say priceless but i'm not that cheesy)

red shirt cheap monday
shorts apc
tights chanel
shoes repetto
cardigan fred perry
jacket built by wendy

i was originally wearing this on tuesday but i got caught in the rain! and became oh so drowned.

so it rained and i showered and changed into this

green dress steven alan
brooch vintage
belt vintage
shoes vintage
jacket burberry

it was copenhagen or bust this weekend (funds were insufficent b/c american debit cards got cut off abroad) but now PARIS OR BUST? maybe?

wanting to be a traveling bunny,


Isabel said...

You have great style, and I especially love your red Built by Wendy jacket! Excellent!

louise or valentine said...

aww thanks love! its my favorite winter jacket. i love how its boiled wool.