Thursday, October 9, 2008

so i haven't posted in a really looooooooong ass time! but i promise, i'll update more! so right now i am in london.
it is cold, people wear dark colors, usually... however, its alot like new york just with a ton of trench coats.
i have my first day of class officially i can report about what art students wear...
anywho, watch for an update tomorrow or in the next couple days of what i'm lusting after and ect.

here we go.
some outfits.

kay, so. this is one of my going out and shooting dresses! even though we've technically started school here (a tri-mester system but i am still getting 12 credits for what nyu thinks is a semester, yes... ^^, i do have assignments. so i've been shooting. thus my outfits need flexibility.
the dress is from topshop (one is coming to america! for now there is
shoes are thrifted marc by marc jacobs. from...s/s 2002 i want to say.
long sleeve and stockings from some random shop in london.
jacket prada f/w 08. i love this jacket. so much. this was one of my favorite prada collections, the lace and ruffles were so lovely- very hitcockian. the one that tops this one in my list of favorites was resort 08 and s/s08. the long striped skirts, i lusted after them, as well as the fairy collection!

my friend katelyn pointed out that i love to wear things that are vintage or look vintage. it's true. often my inspirations are from the past. Right now I am obsessed with Mad Men and pencil skirts. but i am into the avant garde. this isn't that avant garde, but its quirky, an adj people use for me. oh man. but i think it looks vintage inspired.

shirt- marni.
skirt- rachel comey
shoes- christian louboutin
belt- vintage
brooch- vintage that my mom found for me in buenos aires.

what i love about this outfit (it was a going outfit for when my mom was in town last weekend, helping me get settled in my dad's apt) is that incorporates a lot favorites- i love marni and rachel comey, as well as vintage.


so i've moved into my dad's apt for this semester abroad. its nice, its near sloane sq but i do wish it was in the east end, but that's b/c a younger crowd lives there ie artists.

oh! just the other day, i ran into my old babysitter from the 5th grade. her name is kristy. i ran into her at the only whole foods in london. and she has a baby! and needs a babysitter. the world is so tiny.
and today in the mail, i get the best piece of post- my overseas absentee ballot. so kids, DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

love and kisses

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