Wednesday, July 30, 2008

some new random clothing

outfits from past times

green dress-
my final day in self portraiture class
green dress-rachel comey
camel belt- vintage

purple dress from my 20th birthday dinner in new orleans at muriels
purple dress- eva franco
tights- american apparel stirrup tights
shoes- lanvin
cardigan- forever 21

day in the park
30's style dress- anna sui
necklace-vintage from beacon's closet


Rie said...

Hey! It's Rie, formerly of BUST. Added you to my blogroll!

H said...

i love muriel's, such good food

louise or valentine said...

i'm kind of obsessed with muriels. not gonna lie.

H said...

even living five years in new orleans, i think i only ate there twice or thrice. such a pity. what makes you so obsessed with muriel's?

louise or valentine said...

my mom just really loves muriels. i grew up in New Orleans and moved to Houston during 3rd grade but my entire family lives in Mississippi or New Orleans, so we go back and visit a lot.

H said...

ah, a mother like daughter thing, sounds familiar :)