Sunday, January 31, 2010

new intern at hasted hunt!

hello hello!
i am the newest intern at hasted hunt kreualter gallery!
my old internship hired someone in my interium and did not tell me so until i returned
however, now on fridays, i intern at hasted hunt.
i'm excited, as they are mainly a photographic gallery, and are slightly more prominent than 303 gallery.
the one thing that makes me nervous is that they've said that one has to dress professional there.
i understand art gallery professional however it's a bit of stress to have it stressed
does that mean no super cool tights?
only slightly cool ones?
probably definetly no vintage
i may even have to remove my nose stud.
it does seem worth it, however!
this is what i wore to my internship interview

R is how i wore the dress to the interview, L is how i wore it for hte rest of the day
i thnk i like it better sans belt. OH MY GOD YES I DID JUST SAY THAT. i like something without a belt around my waist
sample sale maria cornejo dress, wool tights from the sock man, super old miu miu belts, vintage belt

this is one of the last 4 x 5 polariods left. and we used it in large format class
i think i could maybe rock this dress to work

vlad and i, this could be the album cover of our band
tentative titles- pj's band or the big J

some scans from this month's W with rihanna on the cover.

i wasn't super impressed with W this month, however this shoot wasn't all bad. the styling was pretty spot on! the photographer, was okay. not amazing but it suited the clothing well. usually i am not a fan of out of focus or soft focus work, it depends on teh subject matter. i prefer shoots where the actual photographs are breath taking in addition to the styling, this just seemed to suit the styling rather than concentrating on making rather strong images.

also, this brings me so much joy.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh no! disaster!

a girl dropped out of my senior thesis group, so right now i am in the midst of an INTENSE scramble to try to rearrange the gallery space to fit our photo thesises with one less person
oi indeed

here are some things from a photo shoot i did for advanced lighting class
(a collaboration with my friend marissa)
it's all about three point lighting- so very basic lighting ie headshots, school portraits, old school portraits ect
some things we took

a rare moment of seriousness. and look! i created cheek bones with lighting. this is alex (L) and dima (R)

just like star wars...but we aren't actual fighter planes.

the lovely marissa

alex said something to make him laugh and make me horrified (im wearing eley kisimoto tights, repetto shoes, sonya rykiel shorts, salvation army top)

prada dress from ebay. gotta love ebay.

misha's headshot

alex and dima

you can see the soft box in alex's glasses >.<

dima, jump,yay!

all together now! (note ebay marni dress, lanvin shoes, tsumori chisato tights)

and on a different note
did any of yall see that tavi bow backlash? what are y'alls thoughts on that?
mine is kind of simple: tavi looks awesome, didn't realize her bow was a slight faux pas. but the problem isn't the bow. it's that she is thirteen and a lot of seasoned journalists feel either threatened or insulted that a teenage fashion blogger is being invited to haute couture shows. that doesn't justify the grazia comment but it bothers me that jenna on feels the need to constantly defend tavi. i love tavi, fyi, i ab-so-fuck-lutely adore the girl. but she's in an adult world now with adult pressures. if she's being included with seasoned journalists, she doesn't need to be coddled. and i also understand how adults can feel sort of insulted with her inclusion. she hasn't really earned her way there yet, she hasn't done her time.
it's childish to insult her on twitter, but i think it's absurd to deny that tavi is swimming in adult waters.
should we protect her?
if she needs protecting, maybe she shouldn't be in that arena just yet?
would we all be so upset if it was a 23 or 33 yr old that got twittered bout? no? would it be more appropriate? or less?
things to consider
if someone wrote something about me...if i ever got invited to a haute couture show (fingers crossed yeah right not in a bajillion years), i don't think ppl would be as upset or jump to my defense. i'm 22 yrs old, i am an adult. i can defend myself.
if we feel the need to protect tavi,s hould we let her hold adult roles such as journalist? or should we have her in such a limelight? she's a great dresser, an interesting person, she writes a good blog. but if she accepts the invitations to write about fashion as a journalist, to interview people, she is putting herself out there for judgement. and i think thats the interesting thing baout this whole debate. she is 13 but she isn't playing "dress up" or "pretend journalist" when she interviews people, she is being put on the same plain as cathy horyn or suzy menkes. i think that people critiquing her is allowed and i think it makes us uncomfortable because we know tavi is a young child fulfilling some adult roles.
should she really be at parties even if her parents are there?
should she be wearing couture?
we are getting into some interesting ideas here.

people hold opinions-incredibly critical ones, especially about their own peers.

just some food for thought

Sunday, January 24, 2010

classes and things

this week has been surprisingly busy and laid back.

i shot my friends goofing around for lighting class
and stayed up all night last night to photograph coney island and parts of midwood at dawn-ish on a 4x5 camera.
my film could have possible been loaded wrong, it was cold, i forgot the shutter release
but i had a great morning.
fingers crossed i got SOMETHING from the shoot today

wore this thursday night for SHOW ONE
tisch senior thesis for photographing culminates in 3 shows, ie three professional style art gallery shows that are in the tisch building at 721 broadway. each show has a run of three weeks, with a week interim to hang the next show
i'm in show three (that goes up in march)

urban outfitters top, thrifted marc jacobs shoes, prada pants

pleats please!

what i like about this outfit, other than the charlie chaplin style pants, is that it feels so put together but thrown together, casual and not. perhaps its the combo of a cotton boatneck with silk pleated trousers, but it's a look i like.

from this month's elle
which was fairly skinny and kind of boring, save for these three things



from a shoot on couples. i didn't like how most of the shoot was styled but i love this. its really interesting, super wearable but also very very fashionable.
it's something i would wear.
even these are the "safe" and more "wearable" version of the miu miu spring shoe but it looks really awesome here.
every part of the outfit steams from something super super wearable and almost boring, but with the cut and colors and patterns used it becomes really unique looking.

the lanvin dance shoe kirna zabete HAD that i was obsessed with and they, alas, do not have my size.

on a very weird note
i was at prada yesterday, chatting with my friend pierre about resort 2010. they still have not received their shoe order!
this seems so bizarre to me, since it was just a well received collection. it felt so much stronger than their spring 2010, especially with accessories
pierre said that the buyers at neimans and saks didn't think the shoes would be received well and thus, they ordered a very very small amount. in turn, the prada store buyers also had to order a small amount, since not a lot were being made due to the initial buy.
this bizarre to me.
the plastic shoes came in and they feel like dress up shoes. not wearable, movable shoes. but just dress up, teeter totter shoes

also, some new mayle for sale!
please comment or give me your email if you are particularly interested in purchasing a mayle thing of mine.

and panda cake plus godzilla caroline!

on that note
happy end of the weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new MAYLE dress :)

i figured, since its my second day of classes (well yesterday was just a huge lecture plus movie so this may actually be my first real day of class interaction) i should dress up all cute and nice
in my brand new mayle dress that i found on ebay!
i love it.
i mean, i obviously love most things mayle. but this one is great. beautiful black silk, gold detailing, wee golden brass buttons, with bright purple cotton on the sleeve cuffs. a smock fit so i can ride my bike to school and run around or you know, smuggle the prada book out of the prada store or a turkducken out of a supermarket. they are useful things, smock dresses that is.

mayle dress
mociun tights
rachel comey brogues

here are some images that i can't help but look at.

from jezebel on hong kong fashion week

sandra freij, from lula

mata hari, my friend omar likes to joke that i am her since i can, apparently, bat my lashes and make things happen.

no.6 summer look book

something from my friend doris's facebook

on a last note.
i am really excited about my classes. turns out my international cinema course is a new wave international cinema course.

and speaking of class
i'm late!
ta ta!

Monday, January 18, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow school starts


hmm. i am perhaps being a little, just a leeeetle over dramatic about school beginning again. but it does start tomorrow!
ah, who am i kidding? i'm also a little excited and sad, it's my last semester!
oh may, look at how i've grown!

anywho, thus i have returned from new orleans to a slightly warmer new york than how i left it!
and with such good weather, i did so many things! i went to a lovely little tavern deep within the chinatown brooklyn (yes...there is one), a birthday party, that bar again, my friend's house, an all you can eat sushi contest and dumplings. along with tea with my lovely friend nera. it was a jam packed weekend, perhaps the best way to celebrate school starting again.

although, i do find myself missing new orleans. a bunch of my friends just arrived the day before i was leaving. i helped them move into an apt, that has a certain amount of dilapidated and off color charm.

some traveler kids busking in the quarter
worn out dandies, i love their style

and this was me, exploring the marigny and bywater for two days (two interesting neighborhoods in new orleans where a ton of artists and musicians live)

prada tights, rittenhouse dress, rag and bone boots, comme ca play sweater

brand new mayle dress from ebay! prada tights, repetto shoes


me in dima's lobby
dress, kate towers from seaplane in portland (i bought it four years ago)
hansel from basel tights
repetto shoes


my sushi

eddie, the winner, questioning darren, the 1st loser or 2nd plce winner, on paying with quarters.

and now im on my way to the imaginarium of doctor parnassus

happy 2nd semester, loves

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


break is coming to an end! so so sad.
what have i done? reallyjust hang out in new orleans and go to a wedding. oh and my friend monique has been staying with me.

i did see sherlock holmes.
guy ritchie is really proving himself to be adapt at film making beyond modern british crime/gangster films, he can also make turn of the century british crime/gangster films. so, suffice to say, i greatly enjoyed this. holmes is my kind of guy, incredibly brillaint, insanely witty, probably a little bit crazy, and on the short side.
the movie is enjoyable, incredibly logical and perfectly, perfectly set up for a wonderful sequel. i'd even see it again. and that's saying a lot.
the costumes felt pretty spot on. irene adler (rachael mccadams) wore primiarily men's clothing and while they were "feminized", they definitely seemed to be men's pants, ect. her dress that she wears in her introduction scene, a magenta satin, was still turn of the century styled and down in a color that most wealthy (albeit noveau riche) would wear.
other notes- i am now obsessed with steampunk and deconstructed victorian clothing- thank you holmes!
holmes the character would throw on tailored jackets over his stained undershirts, add a gray scarf, a hat and round glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose- the perfect thrown together look that was still completely cohesive and structured as a costume.
i want this.

steam punk goggles from

i love films, i should add, i love seeing them in the cinemaplex. i love the sound of high def audio, when nothing is happening in the film, it's like the whole world is creaking and moaning, from the stiffness and coldness of existing within a hard winter. the almost inaudibile, non-human sound of wooden, bulky things moving.
next time you are in an action movie or really any movie, stop and listen for it.

since i've been dressing so boringly since my last post here are some things that inspire me.

part of my layout for the senior catelouge. instead of using my thesis, i used my blog.

monique and victoire in masks.

monique from freshmen year

monique with long hair at bergdorfs

ta ta my sweets!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

tableau vivants

an inspired photo shoot

vintage chloe dress

vintage lingerie

givenchy tights, rodarte for target dress

prada skirt, hermes scarf as shirt, vintage fur coat
vintage lingerie, century 21 skirt

vintage garter belts, american apparel top

vintage gloves and scarf dress, mayle dress, sunshine and shadow scarf as chemise, issoleani necklace as headpiece