Thursday, January 7, 2010

tableau vivants

an inspired photo shoot

vintage chloe dress

vintage lingerie

givenchy tights, rodarte for target dress

prada skirt, hermes scarf as shirt, vintage fur coat
vintage lingerie, century 21 skirt

vintage garter belts, american apparel top

vintage gloves and scarf dress, mayle dress, sunshine and shadow scarf as chemise, issoleani necklace as headpiece



miss sophie said...

ahhh! what an amazing photoshoot! i love the lighting and your choice of vintage pieces and the styling :)

Isabel said...

Ooh, lovely! I wish I had something from Rodart x Target! So jealous of you Americans.

KC. said...

i am seriously in love with these photoshoots. seriously. once january is over (which is when my play is done) we MUST do one of these in PA. MUST!

louise or valentine said...

lovely dee, the target stuff was okay but definetly worth buying (as i bought some and not necessarily in sizes that fit me)