Sunday, January 31, 2010

new intern at hasted hunt!

hello hello!
i am the newest intern at hasted hunt kreualter gallery!
my old internship hired someone in my interium and did not tell me so until i returned
however, now on fridays, i intern at hasted hunt.
i'm excited, as they are mainly a photographic gallery, and are slightly more prominent than 303 gallery.
the one thing that makes me nervous is that they've said that one has to dress professional there.
i understand art gallery professional however it's a bit of stress to have it stressed
does that mean no super cool tights?
only slightly cool ones?
probably definetly no vintage
i may even have to remove my nose stud.
it does seem worth it, however!
this is what i wore to my internship interview

R is how i wore the dress to the interview, L is how i wore it for hte rest of the day
i thnk i like it better sans belt. OH MY GOD YES I DID JUST SAY THAT. i like something without a belt around my waist
sample sale maria cornejo dress, wool tights from the sock man, super old miu miu belts, vintage belt

this is one of the last 4 x 5 polariods left. and we used it in large format class
i think i could maybe rock this dress to work

vlad and i, this could be the album cover of our band
tentative titles- pj's band or the big J

some scans from this month's W with rihanna on the cover.

i wasn't super impressed with W this month, however this shoot wasn't all bad. the styling was pretty spot on! the photographer, was okay. not amazing but it suited the clothing well. usually i am not a fan of out of focus or soft focus work, it depends on teh subject matter. i prefer shoots where the actual photographs are breath taking in addition to the styling, this just seemed to suit the styling rather than concentrating on making rather strong images.

also, this brings me so much joy.



Isabel said...

Eek, you look so cute in red lipstick! WORK IT, girl!

Eunice said...

Congratulations on getting the internship! You know I've always wanted a work environment that would mandate me to dress professionally... haha I guess in the West Coast we're lazy to project ourselves better. Haha!

That reminds me I have an internship interview this Thursday, any tips? :)

louise or valentine said...

@isabel- thanks lady! i've been wearing red lipstick more and more frequently!

@ eunice- ohh...i agree. i lvoe the challenge but i don't want to look boring, you know? if i were you, for thursday, i'd wear anything rachel comey, dark dark tights (gray or black) and gray or black shoes. a little bit of make up and styled hair. just make sure you don't look like you rolled outta bed.

mathleen said...

i found your blog!
i'm only slight inept at the internet!

miss sophie said...

congrats! :D you should take the new dress code at your internship in stride...i have a feeling they're stressing that you need to put together "professionally creative chic" looks for work. be incredibly grateful that you're not navigating typical corporate business attire!

louise or valentine said...

@miss sophie- i am really happy that its not all suits and what not. i'm just afraid that i'll fall into "safe art mode" and wear a lot of black. i guess i'll get a feel for whats appropriate the longer i'm there...but i would probably say that intensely tsumori chisato tights are a no unless im wearing a super mimialistic dress.

KC. said...

you look sort of like pocahontas. IN A REALLY REALLY GOOD WAY. When did your hair get so long? man, i'm loving it.