Wednesday, January 20, 2010

new MAYLE dress :)

i figured, since its my second day of classes (well yesterday was just a huge lecture plus movie so this may actually be my first real day of class interaction) i should dress up all cute and nice
in my brand new mayle dress that i found on ebay!
i love it.
i mean, i obviously love most things mayle. but this one is great. beautiful black silk, gold detailing, wee golden brass buttons, with bright purple cotton on the sleeve cuffs. a smock fit so i can ride my bike to school and run around or you know, smuggle the prada book out of the prada store or a turkducken out of a supermarket. they are useful things, smock dresses that is.

mayle dress
mociun tights
rachel comey brogues

here are some images that i can't help but look at.

from jezebel on hong kong fashion week

sandra freij, from lula

mata hari, my friend omar likes to joke that i am her since i can, apparently, bat my lashes and make things happen.

no.6 summer look book

something from my friend doris's facebook

on a last note.
i am really excited about my classes. turns out my international cinema course is a new wave international cinema course.

and speaking of class
i'm late!
ta ta!


bri said...

Came across your blog while browsing.. I like your dress, have fun with your New Wave cinema class. Are you a film major?

Moya said...

Glad the classes went well--it is a shame you aren't in my seminar but it is truly packed. One of the students from celebrity is in it--one of the guys who sat at the back.

I love the new dress--congrats on winning the auction! I have the other dress in that fabric. It is amazing.

I love the images--we have to go to No. 6 to look at the new dresses when they come in.

KC. said...

you are too cute i wanna eat you up

louise or valentine said...

@ bri-
hello there! i am actually a photography student minoring in cinema studies.
thank you for taking time to look at my blog!

it is truly a shame that i am not in your seminar but but but i am kind of in love with my international cinema course- so it's all good.
i would love to go to No.6 with when the new dresses come in! i always need new things, inspite of how stuffed my closet is or appears to be.

gurrrrrrl just wait until your show is over, i see many a photoshoot in our future. AND a trip to the Q-MART!!!!!!!!!

miss sophie said...

love love love the Mayle dress. it is one of my everlasting regrets that i got into Mayle too late, and she shuttered her shop shortly after.

i did find myself a gorgeous pair of rachel comey wedges yesterday...when her shoes fit, they're amazing!

Eunice said...

You are lucky! All my ebay endeavors on any Mayle item have been a fail. But that dress is really lovely.