Wednesday, January 13, 2010


break is coming to an end! so so sad.
what have i done? reallyjust hang out in new orleans and go to a wedding. oh and my friend monique has been staying with me.

i did see sherlock holmes.
guy ritchie is really proving himself to be adapt at film making beyond modern british crime/gangster films, he can also make turn of the century british crime/gangster films. so, suffice to say, i greatly enjoyed this. holmes is my kind of guy, incredibly brillaint, insanely witty, probably a little bit crazy, and on the short side.
the movie is enjoyable, incredibly logical and perfectly, perfectly set up for a wonderful sequel. i'd even see it again. and that's saying a lot.
the costumes felt pretty spot on. irene adler (rachael mccadams) wore primiarily men's clothing and while they were "feminized", they definitely seemed to be men's pants, ect. her dress that she wears in her introduction scene, a magenta satin, was still turn of the century styled and down in a color that most wealthy (albeit noveau riche) would wear.
other notes- i am now obsessed with steampunk and deconstructed victorian clothing- thank you holmes!
holmes the character would throw on tailored jackets over his stained undershirts, add a gray scarf, a hat and round glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose- the perfect thrown together look that was still completely cohesive and structured as a costume.
i want this.

steam punk goggles from

i love films, i should add, i love seeing them in the cinemaplex. i love the sound of high def audio, when nothing is happening in the film, it's like the whole world is creaking and moaning, from the stiffness and coldness of existing within a hard winter. the almost inaudibile, non-human sound of wooden, bulky things moving.
next time you are in an action movie or really any movie, stop and listen for it.

since i've been dressing so boringly since my last post here are some things that inspire me.

part of my layout for the senior catelouge. instead of using my thesis, i used my blog.

monique and victoire in masks.

monique from freshmen year

monique with long hair at bergdorfs

ta ta my sweets!

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sarah said...

those masks are pretty rad.
and i love the light in the last photo!