Saturday, July 18, 2009

i'm in the south

i went home for a bit. and am still, i guess at home.
but my home spans three different states- texas, louisiana and new york.
i just got back from mississippi, visiting my grandmother. i saw my cousin who i haven't seen in around four years. which was so surreal. she had stopped being a person and just being a name and a distant memory that i could sometimes recall. she looks different than i remember her, so i took her photo. about a hundred times.

i photograph my family a lot, probably b/c they can't really tell me no. i mean, they do protest but family is family and i am constantly intrigued by them. where and how they live. the fact that they are related. that fact that they are incredibly southern.

its nice to be home but i'm starting to ache for new york city. i miss it. orleans is definitely piquing my interests for now. it also has b/c its one place that has always felt like home. but i'm starting to re-make a life here.

i got hired to shoot a calendar for a family friend's company. that is really exciting. its all photos of new orleans.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i should really update more

but i moved!
to a lovely and large apt in manhattan that only cost bout 150 dollars more in rent than my brooklyn one.

so yay!

here are some things i've been up to
went to the jazz age lawn festival
finished up interning
the fourth of july happened!
i explored brighton beach and staten island and nashville.

over all, i've been a busy bee.
here are some photos i took.

the 2nd day of the jazz age lawn festival
vintage fourties top, '20s headband, my trusty hassleblod
monique- '20s vintage (of course) and a sailor cap from a flea market

this is my dress i pull out for occasions where i want to look hot but also great. it's built by wendy from s/s08.

my friend lilly's bday (she's the blonde in the pink betsey johnson) and me.

me in nashville, i feel like this was taken in the 1950s.

my bike riding outfit!
bergdorf silk pajama bottoms, american apparel tights, repettos, vintage jacket.

some photos.





brighton beach, brooklyn

brighton beach, brooklyn

brighton beach, brooklyn

will post soon!