Monday, June 28, 2010


so....i made a website.

Caroline Sinders Photography

oh and i moved to cobble hill
it was an exciting weekend.

good old apt hello new one!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

hot hot heat

during the hot, hot summer days, i try to find a way to stay cool.
this usually involves laying next to a fan in a tank top with the lights off.
however, when required to go out and do normally social and grown up things, like buying groceries, i'll end up wearing this:

american apparel skirt, marc jacobs top (from a consignment store), borne shoes, obdient sons and daughters cummerbund, rachel comey bag
sometimes i do lounge, pose and mug for the camera on this lovely bit of green space that will soon not be mine b/c i am moving, oh boo. but where i am moving (cobble hill fyi lovely dees) does have a bit of roof access right next to my window. i need to figure out a way to SECRETLY make it shaded and wonderful.

also. for your enjoyment.
it's isto singing let's build a sandcastle to the moon
this is one of my favorite summer songs.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

i met white lightning! at the hester street fair

so yesterday/ saturday morning, i rolled out of bed, somewhat sleepy headed and voice raspy from running around ave A the night before and hanging out on my patio until 2 am. i put on my clothes and got ready for the day, which included going to the hester street market, where i met elizabeth aka white lighting and purchased the most kickass dress from her. i also met lesley arfin, which was g-r-a-n-d. (haha, get it? cos its close to grand st...oh....har har)
after all of that, i went to inwood to photograph nera and her soccer get together large format for my post undergrad project.

da photoz

karen walker dress, pierre hardy x gap shoes, rachel comey

da dress i purchased

i thin i may shorten it a bit. what do y'all think, should i?

now im off to listen to some johnny cash and eat dim sum.

ta ta,

Thursday, June 17, 2010


while not jeneut's best film, but it was very good. the story follows the odd young man bazil, who's father was killed from a landmine, and bazil, himself, has a bullet lodged in his brain. as it turns out the manufacturer of the landmine is right across the street from the manufacturer of the bullet and both companies despise one another. essentially, it is a wildly funny and eccentric tale thematically centered on anti-war and arms dealers. not even at the top of his game, jeneut still delivers. the only downside to this movie is that the theme is really, really obvious and is spelled out right from the get-go. however, that doesn't make for any less of an enjoyable movie experience and, with a slightly larger budget, jeneut is able to do some pretty spectacular things. visually, the film is a mish-mash of clutter upon clutter upon clutter. the mic-macs live in a junk yard and spend their time separating trash from treasure and this aesthetic is one that is heavily exaggeraed throughout the film. stylistically, one of the characters (elastic girl) appears much like alexander wang a/w 10, that it's crazy. calculator girl is all '50s vintage. most of the characters have a vintage style to them, primarily b/c it is assumed that htey are finding their clothes in trash heaps and the junkyard. think old leather jackets, tattered beanies, and floral curtain print dresses mixed with heavy leather pants boots and jackets to aid in junkyard scavenging.
one of the most spectacular things about the film, aside from the amazing sets and locations, is that even with a subject matter as heavy as war and weapons of mass destruction, jeneut still creates his world of idiosyncratic dreamers who within the film reality create their own world completely separate, a world where their peculiarities are not only celebrated, it makes them heroes. watching jeneut's films, be it delicatessen, amelie, or a very long engagement, it makes me want to live in his reality, one that is built for dreamers, for contortionists, wish givers, ex-clowns, ect, i want to live in his sepia toned, green colored, yellow colored world. one of the most beautiful things about his world is that jeneut's leading ladies are never wilting flowers or women waiting to be rescued, they are film heroines with agency, that often propel the plot and solve the conundrum, bringing the film to a climax and then resolution. they often have talents or traits that, either visually or musically, set them apart from the normal world and mark them as dreaming outsiders. he films his characters with such respect that it instills a quality of longing in this viewer, i wan to be calculator or elastic girl (characters from micmacs). when the film is over, i got lost in a reverie quite like watching a film without subtitles and with the film done and the credits are rolling, i find myself still waiting to be in jeneut's world. leaving the cinema, alone with my thoughts and imagination, i find myself retreating back into the story (visually and cinematically by rewatching the trailer over and over again), and those thoughts have stayed with me for days.
micmacs movie=b+

(top image, from jak and jil, bw- me in christian louboutin flats, bottom still from movie)

Monday, June 14, 2010


i really miss home.

all of new orleans.

Friday, June 11, 2010


i've been in a style rut but with super cold weather (like 60ish degrees) tht's been sweeping through new york city, i've felt inspired.
but then again...maybe i've just missed my patterned tights so-so-so much

shirt, j crew, shorts cynthia rowley, tights eley kisimoto, and shoes rachel comey

what what what? gurl, you dancing?!?!
heck yes i am and to this song.
true story, not gonna lie, i was dancing around to this song playing on my ipod in my pjs when the relator showing our apt (cos we are moving) comes in and was like oh! Oh! i'm sorry! and i was like bah! huh? and he said we buzzed! and i was like you didn't call! it's my apt. whoa.

but this song is still awesome

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


my biggest dilemna right now, besides trying to find a new A-P-T to call home, is deciding between these two beauties:


what do y'all think?

Friday, June 4, 2010

i wish it were cold and i was in france

as the hot and sticky humidity filled summer descends like a smog cloud upon new york, i begin to mourn the fact that i do not have AC. going with the mind over matter route, i've been watching a lot of french films that take place in france (breathless, amelie, pierot le fou) and wishing that i were by teh seine right now, b/c i hear that it really isn't that hot in france. or at least not 90 degrees.
but also... i feel so uninspired by this heat. i want to dress up in cotton '60s dress, flip my hair and twist to some buddy holly.
some images i find inspiring
some images by lauren dukoff

an image by my friend horatio baltz

misc of pierot le fou and beyonce

cold showers, short hair and apt and inspiration hunting..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

let's go gallivanting!

sometimes i daydream that i am a 1920's Egyptologist from somewhere in the mississippi delta that would go exploring wearing bloomers.
and when i had to dress up, i would wear this:

necklace by lulu frost
or maybe, you know, i can just wear it around now, with all of my sweat soaked tee shirts and tap shorts.

happy summer y'all