Friday, June 11, 2010


i've been in a style rut but with super cold weather (like 60ish degrees) tht's been sweeping through new york city, i've felt inspired.
but then again...maybe i've just missed my patterned tights so-so-so much

shirt, j crew, shorts cynthia rowley, tights eley kisimoto, and shoes rachel comey

what what what? gurl, you dancing?!?!
heck yes i am and to this song.
true story, not gonna lie, i was dancing around to this song playing on my ipod in my pjs when the relator showing our apt (cos we are moving) comes in and was like oh! Oh! i'm sorry! and i was like bah! huh? and he said we buzzed! and i was like you didn't call! it's my apt. whoa.

but this song is still awesome

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