Sunday, June 20, 2010

i met white lightning! at the hester street fair

so yesterday/ saturday morning, i rolled out of bed, somewhat sleepy headed and voice raspy from running around ave A the night before and hanging out on my patio until 2 am. i put on my clothes and got ready for the day, which included going to the hester street market, where i met elizabeth aka white lighting and purchased the most kickass dress from her. i also met lesley arfin, which was g-r-a-n-d. (haha, get it? cos its close to grand st...oh....har har)
after all of that, i went to inwood to photograph nera and her soccer get together large format for my post undergrad project.

da photoz

karen walker dress, pierre hardy x gap shoes, rachel comey

da dress i purchased

i thin i may shorten it a bit. what do y'all think, should i?

now im off to listen to some johnny cash and eat dim sum.

ta ta,


Amy said...

Your new dress looks amazzzzing. And I want every pair of shoes on tharemt table!

miss sophie said...

you could shorten the dress or keep it at it's current length, but either way definitely wear it with some killer heels ;)

Aviva Rowley said...

Leave it long!

Isabel said...

YAYY for Elizabeth and Lesley! Elizabeth is actually one of the people I'm staying with while in NYC next month. It's a brief trip (July 13th-17th) but we could totally meet up if you want! Also, any suggestions on where to go?

Wendy said...

Love the outfit, especially against that American flag!