Friday, June 4, 2010

i wish it were cold and i was in france

as the hot and sticky humidity filled summer descends like a smog cloud upon new york, i begin to mourn the fact that i do not have AC. going with the mind over matter route, i've been watching a lot of french films that take place in france (breathless, amelie, pierot le fou) and wishing that i were by teh seine right now, b/c i hear that it really isn't that hot in france. or at least not 90 degrees.
but also... i feel so uninspired by this heat. i want to dress up in cotton '60s dress, flip my hair and twist to some buddy holly.
some images i find inspiring
some images by lauren dukoff

an image by my friend horatio baltz

misc of pierot le fou and beyonce

cold showers, short hair and apt and inspiration hunting..

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Wendy said...

I live in San Francisco and its still pretty chilly here... so I wouldn't mind trading with your weather for a little bit.