Thursday, June 24, 2010

hot hot heat

during the hot, hot summer days, i try to find a way to stay cool.
this usually involves laying next to a fan in a tank top with the lights off.
however, when required to go out and do normally social and grown up things, like buying groceries, i'll end up wearing this:

american apparel skirt, marc jacobs top (from a consignment store), borne shoes, obdient sons and daughters cummerbund, rachel comey bag
sometimes i do lounge, pose and mug for the camera on this lovely bit of green space that will soon not be mine b/c i am moving, oh boo. but where i am moving (cobble hill fyi lovely dees) does have a bit of roof access right next to my window. i need to figure out a way to SECRETLY make it shaded and wonderful.

also. for your enjoyment.
it's isto singing let's build a sandcastle to the moon
this is one of my favorite summer songs.



Moya said...

So glad you found a place! I love Cobble Hill and you'll be right near Bird and Eva Gentry. I'm so glad you got the Marc Jacobs top--it looks great. Both those consignment store finds were perfect for this weather. Lunch soon?

Kate said...

uhh Cobble Hill? I thought it was Clinton Hill...