Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ear infection

i have my first ear infection. and it totally sucks. im on antibiotics and i just took five motrin and it's amazing feeling. by amazing, i mean the pain in my ear is now dull as opposed to stabbing pain. and i'm really behind on work. sigh.
but i made this tea and it's really cleared up my throat. fresh ginger (straight from chinatown), red pepper, lemon and honey. it works but tastes so weird.
anywho, i've been parked on my couch watching more and more mad men, so now im caught up. and i watched gossip girl. which is starting to get on my nerves.
it's starting to get so illogical even within the constrains of the reality that they have set up! gossip girl is getting too ridiculous for gossip girl. maybe it's jumped the shark with them in college but blair is still awesome.
sigh. i should go to the MET and sit on the steps.

also my mom comes into town this weekend, oh joy! we are going to go to a ton of different eateries and galleries. and it's the jazz age lawn party, and i have a pretty '40s dress to wear.

coco before chanel came out. i heard it wasn't that great but i still want to see it. i should just watch me and you and everyone we know and call it a day. or adam's rib. long live k. hephburn!

also, some things i want.

first row- balenciaga sunglasses, prada bag, miu miu shoes, maison martin margiela boots
second row- two sweaters by steven alan
third row- rachel comey skirt, two topshop skirts
fourth row- marni dress, jf and sons dress, two built by wendy dresses

if i had all the money in the world, if i was a wealthy girrrrrrrrrl to quote the lovely miss g. stefani. i would buy these.

i should go back to work. i am writing a prep paper about how the internet and celebrity blogs have sort of helped create these ridiculous infamous reality stars like jon and kate gosselin. how our quest for new information and toh ave it constantly creates this new aura of the celebrity b/c we want new juicy gossip that goes beyond look jennifer aniston buys grocceries, just like us! we want to know more about the aura of the star and everything they do- reality celebrities fulfill that desire.
so it works perfectly in with my future of imaging course AND my celebrity culture.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

im sick, cough cough

i'm sick and camped out on my couch, watching tons of mad men.
i'm thinking up some new photo shoots

so this past week, i saw more folk music (but i pretty much do that every week!), went to john's (an episode of the sopranos was filmed there), saw some burlesque! and tonight is monique's bday soiree at the international bar. i'm going to make a pie. and then tomorrow is the jazz age lawn party!

some outfits and things

outside of john's

miss monique in a '30s depression farm dress, 30s hat, and lovely coat

inside at john's
anna sui deco dress, vintage 20s peacock headband, '50s lanvin bag from ebay, repetto oxford heels, thrift store necklace

tsumori chisato tights, mayle dress, repetto jazz shoes, monique's vintage glasses- enroute to folk!

oh and then i had a nice lunch with my two friends- dan and sasha. they are so cute and they are both in grad school/phd programs at nyu! and they are dating and are really into science. i think they really are the cutest couple i know.
we hung out around washington square park and had really yummy food- miso soup for me, vegan indian food from the dosa man for sasha and papaya dog for dan!

RAWRRRRRRRRRR- i wore this to school on thursday!
necklace- tatty devine, dress mayle

mayle dress, thrifted coach belt, repetto shoes

cutest couple i know- they talk about science to each other.

good day folks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

went to new orleans and saw tavi at rodarte

hello kids,
i went to new orleans to work on my thesis for a whopping FOUR days, so i'm super behind as well as tired and possible sick. which is never ever fun.
but i did see tavi at rodarte last tuesday, sadly,i had no camera. but she was cute. she was wearing a rodarte knitted sweater, awesome vintage glasses with rhinestones, a big navy circle shirt and a light blue baggy t-shirt top and spectator shoes.
anywho how did i see her/run into her?
purely by chance!
the rodarte show was being held a block down from my internship and my internship didn't need me all day, so i got the boot around noon and decided to wander around and perhaps go into the comme de garcon store. instead, i happened upon rodarte and met tavi but didn't get to see the show >.<
i then spent an hour on the phone trying to convince my mom this is what i should wear to my thesis show opening:
i mean, i could totally sell a kidney, right?
imagine this- round glasses a la the '20s (black o'course) and nicholas kirkwood heels. it'd be absolutely grand!
from style.com

and i wore this

3.1 phillip lim sailor sweater
rachel comey dress (my favorite rachel comey dress)
rachel comey shoes

and cos i was in new orleans and mississippi shooting blah blah blah don't freak out it's only YOUR THESIS AND THE REASON YOU CAME TO COLLEGE CAROLINE! i decided to upload some photos i took during last year's study abroad in england and during the summer of the lovely monique and my new favorite marni skirt

me getting fitted for my debutante dress. yes, i was a debutante (in new orleans) and yes i took photos of t.

a photo of my last pastry in london at my favorite asian tea house that was a hip skip and a jump from central st. martins

momo outside of this bar lolita around the block from my apt.

momo in a vintage dress hat and bag.

my favorite photo of monique. she is such a pleasure to photograph! if i could only photograph three people for the rest of my life, she would be one of them!

american apparel tank top, vintage '20s necklace my great grandmother got from a fraternity dance party in the '20s in mississippi, marni skirt, acne shoes.

more to come soon,
love a very very busy scanning and printing,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

cats r bananas

this week has been a crazy one!
with classes started, tons of scanning and me going to NOLA TOMORRROW, i've been too busy to blog.
but i'm working on tht!
also, my room mate got a cat that is seriously possessed by a demon that probably used to be an opera singer. that darn cat just won't stop crying. all the time. and he runs into doors and scratches walls.
i thought i was an animal lover but seriously, i loathe this cat. hate the kitty.
so my room mate, after much deliberation, and persuasion from me and my other room mate, is going to find the kitty a better home than our cramped 3 bedroom manhattan apt.

also watched an episode of the rachel zoe project and am kind of in love with it. also with glee. glee club hooray!
who doesn't love a tv show that has a glee club performing journey?
here's a link to a video clip of the show!

some clothes that i wore.

for my first day of thesis class i wore this

lyell top, mayle pants, miu miu shoes

the last day it was 80 degrees in new york definitely called for a summer dress

mayle shoes

vintage dress, marc by marc jacobs sweater, rachel comey bag

vintage dress, belt and bike

my friend's birthday party involved bar hopping in the west and east village, i wore this. photographed on the roof outside my window

ebay vivienne westwood dress, thrifted rachel comey shoes

off to class and then nola for more thesis shooting!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my computer died and my first day of senior year

so...my bloggings have been sporadic b/c my computer completely crashed, right in the middle of me making ths calendar in new orleans.
i did, however, have to repurchase the adobe creative suites since i had bought my photoshop online two years ago. so now i have CS4 instead of CS3. but, in all honesty, i did like CS3. adobe tried to streamline everything in photoshop for CS4 but it just made the program more complex instead of more simple. which is annoying. oh well.

my last moments of freedom before my senior year in college were me still unpacking my lovely new apartment in the lower east side, going to bergdorf goodman for tea and visiting my lovely friend pierre at prada.
oh...and buying books for classes, going to soirees before classes and scanning what i shoot for my thesis for three hours yesterday.

so, last week, my lovely muse of a friend, the darling monique and i went to bergdorf goodman for tea. we all needed some cheering up so we threw on our lovelies and scampered out the door up to midtown. love was in the air, the weather was perfectly mildly and i could wear "red lips kiss my blues away" wafting somewhere through the park . or maybe it was in my imagination, but that's okay!
we spilt tea, of course, and lobster napoleon. both were lovely looking and deeeelicious.
a hilarious twosome of italian gentleman sat next to us munching on salads and one of them, the younger one wearing gucci wrap around glasses, diesel jeans and a skinny polo, kept insisting that the older gentleman listen to gnarls barkley "crazy" off of his iphone. i tried my best to not giggle and go...but that song is so...old...
we, being the lovely little fashion nymphs that we are, scampered into the bathroom and had a photo shoot. we both agreed that the digital camera being used was a touch bit on the bulky side but quite nice.
fun times to be had.

the food! the delicious and scrumptious food!

me- thrifted '60s dress, tag says neiman marcus label
miu miu shoes (bought onsale at bergdorf last year)

monique- vintage '20s dress, '30s tap pants, '20s garter belts, '20s shoe clips- all ebay and capiezo shoes

us, being ridiculous and lovely in the bathroom.

a couple days later i scampered over to staten island for a rambunctious labor day barbeque with all of my russian friends. i baked an apple pie, we all devoured it out of the pie pan with forks. yay.


just had my first class of my senior year! and it was fun. it's all about the future of photography and media, with the onset of more interactive equipment. like augmented reality vs virtual reality and what that means to us, as a group of people/consumers, that start using this equipment. such as kindles. are books really books if you read them on a device and your whole library is intangible? does a book become something else?
i am so excited for this class.

and i wore this.

philip lim dress from ebay, chloe shoes, really old rachel comey bag

i feel like i'm in a style rut....and i am trying to find some new blogs for inspiration. i wish dita von teese, vivien leigh, chloe sevigny, katherine hephburn and zooey deschanel had style blogs. i'd read those religiously.
i know my style is a mix of vintage and contemporary, with both styles represented equally, b;c i like both equally. but, alas, i want something slightly different. maybe i'm just sick of all of my clothes? i know that i am soooo over seeing that "downtown" look, over done alexander wang. all black, big white shirts, bowler hats, stilletos with spikes all over them. i don't find that appealing, just lazy. like when everyone dressed bohemian, it's simply when it's trendy, you know?

anywho- rant over.
but pls post some blogs that you think i would like!

c the photog