Tuesday, September 22, 2009

went to new orleans and saw tavi at rodarte

hello kids,
i went to new orleans to work on my thesis for a whopping FOUR days, so i'm super behind as well as tired and possible sick. which is never ever fun.
but i did see tavi at rodarte last tuesday, sadly,i had no camera. but she was cute. she was wearing a rodarte knitted sweater, awesome vintage glasses with rhinestones, a big navy circle shirt and a light blue baggy t-shirt top and spectator shoes.
anywho how did i see her/run into her?
purely by chance!
the rodarte show was being held a block down from my internship and my internship didn't need me all day, so i got the boot around noon and decided to wander around and perhaps go into the comme de garcon store. instead, i happened upon rodarte and met tavi but didn't get to see the show >.<
i then spent an hour on the phone trying to convince my mom this is what i should wear to my thesis show opening:
i mean, i could totally sell a kidney, right?
imagine this- round glasses a la the '20s (black o'course) and nicholas kirkwood heels. it'd be absolutely grand!
from style.com

and i wore this

3.1 phillip lim sailor sweater
rachel comey dress (my favorite rachel comey dress)
rachel comey shoes

and cos i was in new orleans and mississippi shooting blah blah blah don't freak out it's only YOUR THESIS AND THE REASON YOU CAME TO COLLEGE CAROLINE! i decided to upload some photos i took during last year's study abroad in england and during the summer of the lovely monique and my new favorite marni skirt

me getting fitted for my debutante dress. yes, i was a debutante (in new orleans) and yes i took photos of t.

a photo of my last pastry in london at my favorite asian tea house that was a hip skip and a jump from central st. martins

momo outside of this bar lolita around the block from my apt.

momo in a vintage dress hat and bag.

my favorite photo of monique. she is such a pleasure to photograph! if i could only photograph three people for the rest of my life, she would be one of them!

american apparel tank top, vintage '20s necklace my great grandmother got from a fraternity dance party in the '20s in mississippi, marni skirt, acne shoes.

more to come soon,
love a very very busy scanning and printing,

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Isabel said...

Ahhh, I wish you had your camera and did take pictures - it would've been epic! I love Tavi.