Saturday, September 26, 2009

im sick, cough cough

i'm sick and camped out on my couch, watching tons of mad men.
i'm thinking up some new photo shoots

so this past week, i saw more folk music (but i pretty much do that every week!), went to john's (an episode of the sopranos was filmed there), saw some burlesque! and tonight is monique's bday soiree at the international bar. i'm going to make a pie. and then tomorrow is the jazz age lawn party!

some outfits and things

outside of john's

miss monique in a '30s depression farm dress, 30s hat, and lovely coat

inside at john's
anna sui deco dress, vintage 20s peacock headband, '50s lanvin bag from ebay, repetto oxford heels, thrift store necklace

tsumori chisato tights, mayle dress, repetto jazz shoes, monique's vintage glasses- enroute to folk!

oh and then i had a nice lunch with my two friends- dan and sasha. they are so cute and they are both in grad school/phd programs at nyu! and they are dating and are really into science. i think they really are the cutest couple i know.
we hung out around washington square park and had really yummy food- miso soup for me, vegan indian food from the dosa man for sasha and papaya dog for dan!

RAWRRRRRRRRRR- i wore this to school on thursday!
necklace- tatty devine, dress mayle

mayle dress, thrifted coach belt, repetto shoes

cutest couple i know- they talk about science to each other.

good day folks!


Isabel said...

Honestly woman, you have the best taste in clothes. That Anna Sui dress is beautiful but I cannot get over those moon tights! They are so cute!

lisa butterworth said...

i'm so in love with those tights. hearts.

miss sophie said...

feel better! drinking lots of hot tea on the couch while watching Mad Men sounds like the perfect remedy. :)