Thursday, September 17, 2009

cats r bananas

this week has been a crazy one!
with classes started, tons of scanning and me going to NOLA TOMORRROW, i've been too busy to blog.
but i'm working on tht!
also, my room mate got a cat that is seriously possessed by a demon that probably used to be an opera singer. that darn cat just won't stop crying. all the time. and he runs into doors and scratches walls.
i thought i was an animal lover but seriously, i loathe this cat. hate the kitty.
so my room mate, after much deliberation, and persuasion from me and my other room mate, is going to find the kitty a better home than our cramped 3 bedroom manhattan apt.

also watched an episode of the rachel zoe project and am kind of in love with it. also with glee. glee club hooray!
who doesn't love a tv show that has a glee club performing journey?
here's a link to a video clip of the show!

some clothes that i wore.

for my first day of thesis class i wore this

lyell top, mayle pants, miu miu shoes

the last day it was 80 degrees in new york definitely called for a summer dress

mayle shoes

vintage dress, marc by marc jacobs sweater, rachel comey bag

vintage dress, belt and bike

my friend's birthday party involved bar hopping in the west and east village, i wore this. photographed on the roof outside my window

ebay vivienne westwood dress, thrifted rachel comey shoes

off to class and then nola for more thesis shooting!

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Susie said...

hi there,

love your style! this is a random question, but i was wondering if you would ever be willing to sell or trade the mayle lotus-print dress with the pink trim in your post about the mayle sample sale. i have some great things to trade (billie bag, baby billie, tons of mayle dresses). please let me know if you ever get tired of it! thanks. my email is susiesfrocks (at) gmail.