Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my computer died and my first day of senior year

hello! bloggings have been sporadic b/c my computer completely crashed, right in the middle of me making ths calendar in new orleans.
i did, however, have to repurchase the adobe creative suites since i had bought my photoshop online two years ago. so now i have CS4 instead of CS3. but, in all honesty, i did like CS3. adobe tried to streamline everything in photoshop for CS4 but it just made the program more complex instead of more simple. which is annoying. oh well.

my last moments of freedom before my senior year in college were me still unpacking my lovely new apartment in the lower east side, going to bergdorf goodman for tea and visiting my lovely friend pierre at prada.
oh...and buying books for classes, going to soirees before classes and scanning what i shoot for my thesis for three hours yesterday.

so, last week, my lovely muse of a friend, the darling monique and i went to bergdorf goodman for tea. we all needed some cheering up so we threw on our lovelies and scampered out the door up to midtown. love was in the air, the weather was perfectly mildly and i could wear "red lips kiss my blues away" wafting somewhere through the park . or maybe it was in my imagination, but that's okay!
we spilt tea, of course, and lobster napoleon. both were lovely looking and deeeelicious.
a hilarious twosome of italian gentleman sat next to us munching on salads and one of them, the younger one wearing gucci wrap around glasses, diesel jeans and a skinny polo, kept insisting that the older gentleman listen to gnarls barkley "crazy" off of his iphone. i tried my best to not giggle and go...but that song is so...old...
we, being the lovely little fashion nymphs that we are, scampered into the bathroom and had a photo shoot. we both agreed that the digital camera being used was a touch bit on the bulky side but quite nice.
fun times to be had.

the food! the delicious and scrumptious food!

me- thrifted '60s dress, tag says neiman marcus label
miu miu shoes (bought onsale at bergdorf last year)

monique- vintage '20s dress, '30s tap pants, '20s garter belts, '20s shoe clips- all ebay and capiezo shoes

us, being ridiculous and lovely in the bathroom.

a couple days later i scampered over to staten island for a rambunctious labor day barbeque with all of my russian friends. i baked an apple pie, we all devoured it out of the pie pan with forks. yay.


just had my first class of my senior year! and it was fun. it's all about the future of photography and media, with the onset of more interactive equipment. like augmented reality vs virtual reality and what that means to us, as a group of people/consumers, that start using this equipment. such as kindles. are books really books if you read them on a device and your whole library is intangible? does a book become something else?
i am so excited for this class.

and i wore this.

philip lim dress from ebay, chloe shoes, really old rachel comey bag

i feel like i'm in a style rut....and i am trying to find some new blogs for inspiration. i wish dita von teese, vivien leigh, chloe sevigny, katherine hephburn and zooey deschanel had style blogs. i'd read those religiously.
i know my style is a mix of vintage and contemporary, with both styles represented equally, b;c i like both equally. but, alas, i want something slightly different. maybe i'm just sick of all of my clothes? i know that i am soooo over seeing that "downtown" look, over done alexander wang. all black, big white shirts, bowler hats, stilletos with spikes all over them. i don't find that appealing, just lazy. like when everyone dressed bohemian, it's simply when it's trendy, you know?

anywho- rant over.
but pls post some blogs that you think i would like!

c the photog


Isabel said...

Eeek, enjoy your Senior year! It must be so lovely to be able to nip uptown to Bergdorf's for tea. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

You guys are so adorable!

Amelia said...

I agree--I can't find any real value to CS4. Oh, well.

Tea sounds amazing and I love both of your dresses!

Eunice said...

I thought your dress was Mayle, but nope, excellent find!

bryna said...

mm, tea looks awesome! so much fun.

miss sophie said...

oh no. maybe it's time for a new laptop? i'm terrible about lusting after the newest macbooks and just recently got myself the unibody. suuuuch a gorgeous laptop.

i'm really jealous of your class! it's the kind of thing colleges need to offer more of :)