Friday, August 21, 2009

in iowa

hey all
so im iowa/illnois (both actually- going between both states) for my great aunt's funeral. took some photos, its an interesting place. we are in burlington, which is along the mississippi river. i grew up along the mississippi river in the south, it's interesting to see the mighty river so far north.
my mama bought a house in new orleans and i get to help her decorate it- using antiques.
these are some photos i took that i'm looking at for inspiration.

venus and mar's vintage store (owned by karen elson- i found a lovely '80s chloe dress there) nashville

a church in nashville

my friend haley and her grandmother in her grandmother's apt, manhattan

haley's grandmother's apt, gramercy park ish area- manhattan

bike riding to the bronx, in the bronx.

just some ideas...that im thinking about.
let me know if you see anything interesting.


Amelia said...

Cool pictures! Ooh, I went to Venus and Mars when I was in Nashville. Didn't come away with anything, though...

Eunice said...

I want to go to Nashville so badly! Actually the South in general.. you lucky woman. (:

miss sophie said...

your photos are always amazing. i love the shot of the little church and the vintage store.

Crystal Ball said...

The pictures are really lovely.

Jessica said...

i love your photography ! You should post it more often :)