Monday, November 23, 2009

bah bah bah

thanksgiving is thursday and i don't leave til wednesday
stressssssssssssssss-ed out.

but to make everyone feel better
AN OWL! from doug aitken's migrations work

oh, right, it's my birthday! or it was, yesterday. it was a nice weekend involving a classy cocktail pretty, a super drunken kegger party, and then a free camera obscura show and oh brother where art thou viewing on sunday. was lovely, in short.
some outfits. that i just couldn't stop wearing.

so yeah, i wore this to work on friday, and all day sunday. i clearly liked it a lot.
rag and bone shirt, anna sui necklace, miu miu skirt, hansel from basel tights, repetto jazz shoes (a hundred years old- teh first pair i ever of repetto i ever bought :) )and AND AND this lovely satchel my mother gave me a couple of months ago. i'm so in love with it, it has my initials on it

running around saturday
my first vivienne westwood pieces ever. the first time i went to london, senior year of high school, we went to vivienne westwood's store and my mother bought these for me. i've been obsessed with vivienne westwood since middle school. blah blah she created punk, is amazing, guided the sex pistols stylistically, helped visually define an ENTIRE GENRE OF MUSIC AND IS ALWAYS ALWAYS REVELANT AND AMAZING. end love rant
vivienne westwood top, skirt, vintage collor, hansel from basel tights, rachel comey brogues

i've been feeling really blah for a week or two. some family stuff has come up-never too much fun.
i've been watching harold and maude- it always cheers me up. a re-watching of amelie and seeing the fantastic mr fox later this week, as well as just hanging out with my mom should make me right as rain.
cheers for now!

but also for a way happier note- this makes me smile so wide

Thursday, November 19, 2009

give me an orange tree, please

quick update as i am sooo sleepy
this week has been rather busy! tons of school work and my birthday is this saturday, so i've been planning une soiree celebration!
quite excited

hmm...i got my midterm back from celebrity culture (the paper on fashion blogs) and i got an A! to celebrate, my room mate and i watched suspiria and had food from rice, a nearby eatery. i snacked on lotus root chips with siraycha mayo sauce and black rice with edamane and tofu satay skewers.
in short, utterly delicious.

two favorite outfits of this week
note my hair- i got it done for my bday festivities, which yes, i've been celebrating all week long
also note- these are my new favorite boots- rag and bone

my first white button down- boy by band of outsiders, rachel comey skirt, rag and bone boots

it's thursday so you know what that means! mayle!
mayle dress, vintage slip, rag and bone boots

and these photos are from last friday when i went to see burlesque
i'm wearing vena cava from the save fashion sample sale, monique's in vintage and that lovely man is our friend, the re-occuring characer misha.

it was one of those kind of perfect nights where, at first blush, nothing seems to be going right but then everything falls together so hapazardly and wonderfully. it was raining, we were all running late, we didn't have a game plan until 20 minutes before 11 o'clock. from burlesque we walked to a non-descript tavern and grille and danced to greek music until like 2. i had to leave at 2 am bc i had to intern the next day. apparently everyone else stayed awake until 6 am.
i danced so hard in my shoes that my feet were still throbbing the next day at work. and i was so tired but it was so amazing. inspite of the rain.

later days and have a very merry un-birthday to me!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

scan wham bam thank you ma'am

so i'm scanning at school...and working on my thesis. i'm getting nervous, by dec 17th, i need a completed, framed image. like drum scanned, perfectly color corrected. and i am going to have a ton of stuff to shoot over thanksgiving. baby steps, lil caro, baby steps. right now i'm putting together the book for my thesis, which is actually kind of fun. not going to lie.

here's an image i was going to put into a tripytch in my thesis but decided not to.
my thesis is a visual exploration of my southern culture specifically centered around my family.

gulfport, october 24th, 2009. a half mile from my grandmother's house. this is what the beach front, in some places, looks like.

so this is my tripytch. any suggestions on it? should i move one image into the middle or keep it the way it is? just wondering. any feedback totally welcomed.

so thursday night, i felt sick and skipped class. i slept for like three hours and then my lovely friends- yvonne and william called me, woke me up, demanded that i eat and so we went to cafe habana. and i was starving.

the ceiling

the food!

so this woman was like aren't you precious and i was like what? the movie about rape? huh? OH! OH! you meant...cos my scarf matches my hat. oh..thanks.
way to take a compliment, caroline.
topshop hat scarf, vintage gloves, marni dress, marc by marc jacobs jacket, rachel comey brogues. this is what i wore to go ea at cafe habana

save fashion on friday

there was some cool stuff. and the whole point of it was to make fashion affordable and for what it was...everything was pretty affordable- all urban outfitters prices for steven alan, vena cava, ect. it wasn't really that crowded at all, either. at least, friday morning it wasn't.
what i bought

vena cava dress, rachel antoff shirt (with my old rachel comey skirt), rag n bone shirt, vena cava skirt, devotte shoes (yeah i know it's winter...but they were mad comfortable...)

so this is what i wore on sunday to work on my sex and the city presentation for monday. essentially our presentation was on how sex and the city is a romantic comedy tv show (for my rom com cinema class) but how it was really about friendship relationships, and it only fell into rom com conventions towards teh last season so everything could tie up but it also really revolutionized how tv portrayed independent adult women and how sex was approached in discussions with those women.
so i wore this to work on that.

'40s skirt, thrifted top, back seams, urban outfitters shoes, a hat monique gave me

so monday, i wore this for my presentation and it went well! i usually get really nervous speaking in front of people but i had practiced a lot and lo and behold, it went well. then monique came over for dinner. so we made stove top risotto and rice. and then dizzy and matt came over and we played dress up

dizzy in my circus outfit

monique and i cooking. her in '30s vintage, a men's hat. me in chinese pearls, my rag n bone save fashion top, my marni skirt my dad got me last year for my 21st bday..

and then today, i overslept and had to get dressed. this is my go-to gallery outfit but i was sick and didn't go to teh gallery. instead, i went to tisch to keep on working on thesis.

yes i look awkward as i feel, cos im sick, tired and freaking out before finals starts. really caroline, chillax.
j crew top, marni skirt, 5 dollar shoes from london.

back to work!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i love other's people's photo albums

i love looking at other people's photo albums and their memories. there is just something so beautiful about the unexpected or manufactured moments that people choose to carry around with them, the importance they place upon specific images. maybe it's a nostaglic factor (cos i love that) or maybe it's the unknown- the ability to be given photographs with no context and have to form and create a context within them. maybe it's because it feels like buried treasure, finding old photographs that aren't even mine.
this update actually will not have any fashion photographs in it- well...barely.
some things from the past two weeks that i shot of my friends.
i am, most likely, completely and utterly biased but i cannot help but photograph my friends, these specific friends, they are so magnetic, energetic, full of life and are completely comfortable and at ease with the camera. rarely do they postulate, prickle or hide from the camera. i have a problem with being shy and doing street photographer- nothing is harder than stammering out "can i take your photograph" and by then, you've ruined the image b/c you've engaged with the subject and now the subject knows what is going to happen, the moment is gone. i feel like i've captured some moments here....and i think that they are really lovely.

look at how dapper my friend darren is!
the halloween eve '20s gala

the quality of this photo could be better but i still love it. when my friend alex smiles, he beams. this photo makes me so happy b/c everyone else looks like they are having a great time.

monique, post a wedding, at my house. she looks giddy and lovely. per usual.

dima's birthday party. him and shaul- not quite sure what is going on. but i liked the composition of the photograph. the night was totally crazy- can't you tell?

lilly's back

misha's wedding suit

the halloween gala

the halloween gala

the halloween gala

dima's house

dima's house

some of my guy friends at a bar

and then my ipod and i went to the MET and took some images and saw the lovely/amazing robert frank show. sometimes, i just want to pitch a tent and live at that museum and live off of bread crumbs, jam and pomegranate seeds. maybe just maybe.

monique's house, bay ridge

the met

the met

see you monday,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thanks for fielding my questions

that was great online discussion we had with the last post- thanks to all those that contributed!
blogging is something that does really interest me, partially b/c it is part of web 2.0 and how we are all interacting now within this new digital environment.

but but but imma stop there and talk more about other things.
i saw the robert frank show- it was super crowded but great to see. often i wonder how, if a similar work where produced today, would it be as popular? i love robert frank's work but there is a note of nostalgia to it- it is really evocative of yester-year- it is black and white and illustrates '60s life. would a similar body of work of today be as popular? or would it just be considered street photography, too broad of a theme and we'd move on?
(i took some shots of the robert frank show but they are on my external hard drive which is at school- alas, ill update those on friday)
i wonder. b/c one of my favorite photographers is william eggleston and his work is essentially street photography of the south. he really pioneered color film in the '60s and he has some amazing images, all of each have this ambigious voice but all have the same accent (haha) b/c they are all from the same location.

also, i did something kind of magical yesterday. see, i have a cold. it's not a bad cold but an annoying cold- it causes me to sneeze, cough and blow my nose constantly. i went to my gallery internship and after a handful of hours, they told me, "You know, if you are sick, you don't have to come in. It's great you want to work but really, you can take time off to get better. In fact, if you are still sick, you don't have to come in Friday." So....I'm probably going to miss Friday. i am actually feeling sicker, tired all the time- i probably should've taken a nap and had some tea as opposed to going to tisch to do work. Anywho
I walked from 21st and 10th ave, to 12th and 3rd, stopping at the Apple store in the meatpacking district to buy an ipod and a deli to buy some orange juice. i shot a roll of film on this week just to shoot a roll. i haven't done that in a while, but i just wanted to shoot without thinking about crits or who would see these images or if they were good or not. i shot because i could and so i did. and it was wonderful to be completely surprised by what was around me- i felt like a tourist in my own skin.
things i liked from that roll. (developed by walgreens)

girl handing out soap in the west village- i loved all of the colors and combinations she was wearing.

i saw this..and was obsessed with the color of the flowers on the overcast day.

the last image on the roll, shot by my teacher

thrifted chanel jacket, delia's sweater, sunshine and shadow scarf, karen walker dress, anna sui nude fishnets, rachel comey shoes

some outfits.
saturday- what i wore to the robert frank show

vintage jacket, marc by marc jacobs sweater, gap shirt, prada pants, vintage hat, tatty devine ARRGHH necklace, very uncomfortable opening ceremony shoes

monday- which was unseasonably warm, thus i broke out the tap shorts

fred perry shirt, lewis shorts, tsumori chisato tights, repetto shoes

anywho...i shouldn't update during my future of imaging class but the class was on this felt more than fitting.