Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween passed us by

halloween has come and gone!
what did i do? Oh what did i do!
i went to a lovely '20s masquerade ball (i shot on film so bare with me please whilst it is getting developed) on friday and then smoked hookah in my apt with friends
theeeen saturday, teh acutal hallows eve, i dressed up as monique's underwear and we went to a bar then a rave. it was interesting. monique hadn't been to a rave in a while and i demanded that she go, b/c it seemed so anachronistic. we stayed up until 7 am that day! we went from the rave to a boat to her house and then white castle. i'd say the perfect end to a night of fantastic partying in nyc.

some photos.

on facebook, the caption for this photo reads "a modern emblem of masculinity" and by that i mean, most boys wouldn't be so confident in their masculinity, like dear misha here, to pose like this and then know it was going on facebook. or my blog. anywho misha is a hoot!
he's wearing monique's pink fox fur

our halloween costumes- monique as a powder puff, me as her underwear. monique made her entire costume, including her hat. i'm wearing my favorite slip, my jewelry and her girdle.

my room mate bennett played a show on dia de los muertos at googies lounge, above the living room. we then went with his dad to congee village and got delicious chinese food. it was a wonderful night ^^

sailor coat monique gave me, delia's sweater, topshop hat, marni dress, vintage czechoslovakian costume jewelry (from before it spilt into the czech republic and slovika) repetto jazz shoes. this is what i wore monday, it was kind of dreary and i was so tired, so i decided to perk myself up

i wore this oct 30th, friday, to my internship at 303 gallery.
marc jacobs dress (from his sale last june), marc by marc jacobs jacket and sweater, my favorite rachel comey brogues

monique lounging in her apt in my '30s silk top and her pj pants

what i wore today though it was oh so cold.
marni dress from ebay, american apparel tights, my favorite shoes in the entire world (rachel comey brogues), thrifted jil sander belt, monique's amazing hat.

now i must go to bed. for i have to wake up early to write a proposal for my presentation in my future of imaging class. and meet with the head of my department about my thesis.
i'll upload the stuff i shot in new orleans soon b/c i'm kind of proud of what i shot there.



Mike said...

Actually, I didn't know that you were going to post these to the Internets.

hannah said...

looks like fun, and that's a sick sailor jacket- jealous!