Wednesday, November 11, 2009

thanks for fielding my questions

that was great online discussion we had with the last post- thanks to all those that contributed!
blogging is something that does really interest me, partially b/c it is part of web 2.0 and how we are all interacting now within this new digital environment.

but but but imma stop there and talk more about other things.
i saw the robert frank show- it was super crowded but great to see. often i wonder how, if a similar work where produced today, would it be as popular? i love robert frank's work but there is a note of nostalgia to it- it is really evocative of yester-year- it is black and white and illustrates '60s life. would a similar body of work of today be as popular? or would it just be considered street photography, too broad of a theme and we'd move on?
(i took some shots of the robert frank show but they are on my external hard drive which is at school- alas, ill update those on friday)
i wonder. b/c one of my favorite photographers is william eggleston and his work is essentially street photography of the south. he really pioneered color film in the '60s and he has some amazing images, all of each have this ambigious voice but all have the same accent (haha) b/c they are all from the same location.

also, i did something kind of magical yesterday. see, i have a cold. it's not a bad cold but an annoying cold- it causes me to sneeze, cough and blow my nose constantly. i went to my gallery internship and after a handful of hours, they told me, "You know, if you are sick, you don't have to come in. It's great you want to work but really, you can take time off to get better. In fact, if you are still sick, you don't have to come in Friday." So....I'm probably going to miss Friday. i am actually feeling sicker, tired all the time- i probably should've taken a nap and had some tea as opposed to going to tisch to do work. Anywho
I walked from 21st and 10th ave, to 12th and 3rd, stopping at the Apple store in the meatpacking district to buy an ipod and a deli to buy some orange juice. i shot a roll of film on this week just to shoot a roll. i haven't done that in a while, but i just wanted to shoot without thinking about crits or who would see these images or if they were good or not. i shot because i could and so i did. and it was wonderful to be completely surprised by what was around me- i felt like a tourist in my own skin.
things i liked from that roll. (developed by walgreens)

girl handing out soap in the west village- i loved all of the colors and combinations she was wearing.

i saw this..and was obsessed with the color of the flowers on the overcast day.

the last image on the roll, shot by my teacher

thrifted chanel jacket, delia's sweater, sunshine and shadow scarf, karen walker dress, anna sui nude fishnets, rachel comey shoes

some outfits.
saturday- what i wore to the robert frank show

vintage jacket, marc by marc jacobs sweater, gap shirt, prada pants, vintage hat, tatty devine ARRGHH necklace, very uncomfortable opening ceremony shoes

monday- which was unseasonably warm, thus i broke out the tap shorts

fred perry shirt, lewis shorts, tsumori chisato tights, repetto shoes

anywho...i shouldn't update during my future of imaging class but the class was on this felt more than fitting.


rani said...

i really like your tights in the last pic :D

hannah said...

great shorts and the coolest tights!

Eunice said...

wow you're still wearing a skirt! it's 40s around here and everyone's looking plain jane, including myself. you look super cute, i love seeing your outfits.

btw, i think i mentioned this but i wanna see the robert frank show before it ends. i like him a lot. and you've got to consider too that 1960s in itself with or without art was a generation of enormous and influential change, then to be confronted with frank's photographs make nostalgia much more compelling. i really like william eggleston as well. good choices!

louise or valentine said...

haha, i actually wear skirts all winter! i just layer tights under leggings or double tights under leggings.
fyi, the robert frank show is up until january!

thanks and i agree with what you said about frank. i think a difference is with our generation that is we are the generation of web 2.0 and online communication, ppl rarely go out like they did back in the '60s. and by i go out, i mean walk outside, utilize public transportation- in cities that are not chicago, portland, LA or NYC. so ppl are socially behaving differently now and that adds to the nostaligic qualities of those images.

also thanks rani and hannah for comments :)