Monday, November 23, 2009

bah bah bah

thanksgiving is thursday and i don't leave til wednesday
stressssssssssssssss-ed out.

but to make everyone feel better
AN OWL! from doug aitken's migrations work

oh, right, it's my birthday! or it was, yesterday. it was a nice weekend involving a classy cocktail pretty, a super drunken kegger party, and then a free camera obscura show and oh brother where art thou viewing on sunday. was lovely, in short.
some outfits. that i just couldn't stop wearing.

so yeah, i wore this to work on friday, and all day sunday. i clearly liked it a lot.
rag and bone shirt, anna sui necklace, miu miu skirt, hansel from basel tights, repetto jazz shoes (a hundred years old- teh first pair i ever of repetto i ever bought :) )and AND AND this lovely satchel my mother gave me a couple of months ago. i'm so in love with it, it has my initials on it

running around saturday
my first vivienne westwood pieces ever. the first time i went to london, senior year of high school, we went to vivienne westwood's store and my mother bought these for me. i've been obsessed with vivienne westwood since middle school. blah blah she created punk, is amazing, guided the sex pistols stylistically, helped visually define an ENTIRE GENRE OF MUSIC AND IS ALWAYS ALWAYS REVELANT AND AMAZING. end love rant
vivienne westwood top, skirt, vintage collor, hansel from basel tights, rachel comey brogues

i've been feeling really blah for a week or two. some family stuff has come up-never too much fun.
i've been watching harold and maude- it always cheers me up. a re-watching of amelie and seeing the fantastic mr fox later this week, as well as just hanging out with my mom should make me right as rain.
cheers for now!

but also for a way happier note- this makes me smile so wide


B a la Moda said...

Happy Birthday. You look great in these 2 outfits. Very naive. Have fun in Thanks giving.I am going to miss the turkey this year.

B* a la Moda

miss sophie said...

happy birthday! your photos always make me smile :)

take a deep breath. don't stress! thanksgiving will be lovely and delicious i'm sure for you.

Eunice said...

I like your hair untied, it flows nicely.