Tuesday, November 17, 2009

scan wham bam thank you ma'am

so i'm scanning at school...and working on my thesis. i'm getting nervous, by dec 17th, i need a completed, framed image. like drum scanned, perfectly color corrected. and i am going to have a ton of stuff to shoot over thanksgiving. baby steps, lil caro, baby steps. right now i'm putting together the book for my thesis, which is actually kind of fun. not going to lie.

here's an image i was going to put into a tripytch in my thesis but decided not to.
my thesis is a visual exploration of my southern culture specifically centered around my family.

gulfport, october 24th, 2009. a half mile from my grandmother's house. this is what the beach front, in some places, looks like.

so this is my tripytch. any suggestions on it? should i move one image into the middle or keep it the way it is? just wondering. any feedback totally welcomed.

so thursday night, i felt sick and skipped class. i slept for like three hours and then my lovely friends- yvonne and william called me, woke me up, demanded that i eat and so we went to cafe habana. and i was starving.

the ceiling

the food!

so this woman was like aren't you precious and i was like what? the movie about rape? huh? OH! OH! you meant...cos my scarf matches my hat. oh..thanks.
way to take a compliment, caroline.
topshop hat scarf, vintage gloves, marni dress, marc by marc jacobs jacket, rachel comey brogues. this is what i wore to go ea at cafe habana

save fashion on friday

there was some cool stuff. and the whole point of it was to make fashion affordable and for what it was...everything was pretty affordable- all urban outfitters prices for steven alan, vena cava, ect. it wasn't really that crowded at all, either. at least, friday morning it wasn't.
what i bought

vena cava dress, rachel antoff shirt (with my old rachel comey skirt), rag n bone shirt, vena cava skirt, devotte shoes (yeah i know it's winter...but they were mad comfortable...)

so this is what i wore on sunday to work on my sex and the city presentation for monday. essentially our presentation was on how sex and the city is a romantic comedy tv show (for my rom com cinema class) but how it was really about friendship relationships, and it only fell into rom com conventions towards teh last season so everything could tie up but it also really revolutionized how tv portrayed independent adult women and how sex was approached in discussions with those women.
so i wore this to work on that.

'40s skirt, thrifted top, back seams, urban outfitters shoes, a hat monique gave me

so monday, i wore this for my presentation and it went well! i usually get really nervous speaking in front of people but i had practiced a lot and lo and behold, it went well. then monique came over for dinner. so we made stove top risotto and rice. and then dizzy and matt came over and we played dress up

dizzy in my circus outfit

monique and i cooking. her in '30s vintage, a men's hat. me in chinese pearls, my rag n bone save fashion top, my marni skirt my dad got me last year for my 21st bday..

and then today, i overslept and had to get dressed. this is my go-to gallery outfit but i was sick and didn't go to teh gallery. instead, i went to tisch to keep on working on thesis.

yes i look awkward as i feel, cos im sick, tired and freaking out before finals starts. really caroline, chillax.
j crew top, marni skirt, 5 dollar shoes from london.

back to work!