Thursday, November 19, 2009

give me an orange tree, please

quick update as i am sooo sleepy
this week has been rather busy! tons of school work and my birthday is this saturday, so i've been planning une soiree celebration!
quite excited

hmm...i got my midterm back from celebrity culture (the paper on fashion blogs) and i got an A! to celebrate, my room mate and i watched suspiria and had food from rice, a nearby eatery. i snacked on lotus root chips with siraycha mayo sauce and black rice with edamane and tofu satay skewers.
in short, utterly delicious.

two favorite outfits of this week
note my hair- i got it done for my bday festivities, which yes, i've been celebrating all week long
also note- these are my new favorite boots- rag and bone

my first white button down- boy by band of outsiders, rachel comey skirt, rag and bone boots

it's thursday so you know what that means! mayle!
mayle dress, vintage slip, rag and bone boots

and these photos are from last friday when i went to see burlesque
i'm wearing vena cava from the save fashion sample sale, monique's in vintage and that lovely man is our friend, the re-occuring characer misha.

it was one of those kind of perfect nights where, at first blush, nothing seems to be going right but then everything falls together so hapazardly and wonderfully. it was raining, we were all running late, we didn't have a game plan until 20 minutes before 11 o'clock. from burlesque we walked to a non-descript tavern and grille and danced to greek music until like 2. i had to leave at 2 am bc i had to intern the next day. apparently everyone else stayed awake until 6 am.
i danced so hard in my shoes that my feet were still throbbing the next day at work. and i was so tired but it was so amazing. inspite of the rain.

later days and have a very merry un-birthday to me!

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sarah said...

boy by band of outsiders AND rachel comey! two of my favourite designers. the outifts are beautiful.

this is a beautiful blog!