Saturday, November 14, 2009

i love other's people's photo albums

i love looking at other people's photo albums and their memories. there is just something so beautiful about the unexpected or manufactured moments that people choose to carry around with them, the importance they place upon specific images. maybe it's a nostaglic factor (cos i love that) or maybe it's the unknown- the ability to be given photographs with no context and have to form and create a context within them. maybe it's because it feels like buried treasure, finding old photographs that aren't even mine.
this update actually will not have any fashion photographs in it- well...barely.
some things from the past two weeks that i shot of my friends.
i am, most likely, completely and utterly biased but i cannot help but photograph my friends, these specific friends, they are so magnetic, energetic, full of life and are completely comfortable and at ease with the camera. rarely do they postulate, prickle or hide from the camera. i have a problem with being shy and doing street photographer- nothing is harder than stammering out "can i take your photograph" and by then, you've ruined the image b/c you've engaged with the subject and now the subject knows what is going to happen, the moment is gone. i feel like i've captured some moments here....and i think that they are really lovely.

look at how dapper my friend darren is!
the halloween eve '20s gala

the quality of this photo could be better but i still love it. when my friend alex smiles, he beams. this photo makes me so happy b/c everyone else looks like they are having a great time.

monique, post a wedding, at my house. she looks giddy and lovely. per usual.

dima's birthday party. him and shaul- not quite sure what is going on. but i liked the composition of the photograph. the night was totally crazy- can't you tell?

lilly's back

misha's wedding suit

the halloween gala

the halloween gala

the halloween gala

dima's house

dima's house

some of my guy friends at a bar

and then my ipod and i went to the MET and took some images and saw the lovely/amazing robert frank show. sometimes, i just want to pitch a tent and live at that museum and live off of bread crumbs, jam and pomegranate seeds. maybe just maybe.

monique's house, bay ridge

the met

the met

see you monday,


jack bespoke said...

beautiful wedding, and holy cow, i love that couch!

awesome blog,

IRIS and PIETER said...

lovely photography! do you know what people have to do more often? hiding a photo somewhere! so that someone else can find it. i would love it so much if i found a photograph somewhere and attach a story with it. like your story about the photobooks

Isabel said...

I love all your photos, but especially the ones at the Halloween gala. You are a wonderful photographer,

Eunice said...

I agree, I love that couch.. You go to a lot of fun activities, jealous!

Lilee said...

great photos!