Tuesday, November 30, 2010

chaussures fantastiques

CHAUSSURES FANTASIQUES// inspired by Sea of Shoes

fantastical shoes fitted inside precious microcosms, full of untold stories.
it's only really up to your imagination to figure it out.
inspired by the featured Sea of Shoes image, New Orleans, doll house museums, buckling wooden floors, the Mississippi River and fantasy.

shoes, in order: Robert Clergerie x Opening Ceremony, Nicholas Kirkwood x Rodarte, Margiela, Biba, Chanel.

Friday, November 26, 2010

where i've been

prior to thanksgiving, i was working almost everyday (yay! gettin' paid!) and then it was my birthday, then followed by a holiday that one celebrates by eating and sleeping.
needless to say, none of this is conducive to blogging or internet-ing.

what i wore on my birthday
anna sui sweater stolen from my sister
thrifted urban outfitters dress
eley kisimoto tights
prada shoes

i went out with my family, god sister and god mother, and my friend ET. we went to muriel's, this amazing restaurant where i had my debutante party.

anywho. i should go back to shooting, i'm working on some product photography for my website and i'll upload it to here soon!

happy thanksgiving and black friday everybody! i went to UAL, united apparel liquidators, where i bought some biba platform shoes. i saw a mayle dress that was too big for me, it was a size 8 and white, it was 100. if anybody is interested, let me know and i'll pick it up for you.

ta ta,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

street style, lower east side

spotted whilst flyering (sometimes i help friends out)

Monday, November 15, 2010

wandering around soho on a thursday afternoon

i spotted some people and photographed them.
i love how this couple looks- very stylish but each obviously has their own style.
even with their individual style, they still look so good next to each other. ah, i love it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

We used to wait for it/Now we're screaming sing the chorus again

featuring (in order) phillip lorca dicorcia works, random vintage skirt, 1960s apt in new orleans, jak and jil, franka potente for boy, lou bond, cass bird

Friday, November 12, 2010

so i went to an auction...

This just recent Wednesday, I trekked up to St. Paul's Church, the one on Columbus Avenue not the one that tourists visit-just an fyi- for an antique auction. It was hosted in the auditorium of the Church, which reminded me of Christmas pageants and donut greeting after services, however none of those things were present when I was there, instead there were racks and racks and racks of gorgeous vintage clothing. Hosted by Augusta Auctions, things being sold ranged from Dior New Look to young boy's breeches from the 1700s to a quilt that Andy Warhol owned. Obviously, some of these things went for hefty prices, the breeches alone went for six thousand dollars.
The majority of things being sold were clothing, either in pristine condition from the Brooklyn Museum or rather good condition from consigners. Most people there were individuals buying for a business, most people were buyers, owners of vintage shops or collectors that sold archival objects to "designers and people in the art world." At least that is what one woman told me in a very childish voice, as though she thought I couldn't understand her adult voice and everything had to be said in simplified speech. I bid on a lot of things, and was promptly outbid, and I'll most likely see the could've, almost had it dresses in vintage stores dotting Chelsea to the East Village and marked up for ridiculous prices in the very, very near future.
I did, however, win three things! A lot of vintage jewelry, that included a watch on a bird brooch, a vintage Courreges suit, and two VIctor Costa dresses. I spent under four hundred dollars on all of these ideas, which includes an auction tax, and a New York tax. One of my friends got a Chanel suit for two hundred and fifty dollars. There were deals to be made, for sure, but like all auctions, to which I am basing my experience of off Ebay, it's really hit or miss what would go hi and what wouldn't. My friend Perrie, who was working at the Auction and won the Chanel suit, thought the Courreges, which she had specially showed me before the Auction, would go super high, however it didn't. I was the only bidder and I did a wee, little nerdy dance when I won. The auctioneer commented on it.
I've always wondered where vintage clothing stores, design houses, ect all get their pieces and where it comes from- it just can't be all estate sales, so now I know. It's another middle person selling something from someone else. Which kind of makes sense, now I just need to find more auctions going on.

Monday, November 8, 2010

new york art book fair at ps 1

this past weekend was the new york art book fair.
i went both friday and saturday, the fair was open from thursday to sunday. saturday was swamped.
ps 1 used to be a public school, so it's rather rather large. its also my favorite museum, i love it more than MoMA.
imagine, if you will, three full floors of art books, zines, publisher companies, ect all having little booths with goodies and ect all to be looked at and for sale. there were even some digital publishers there, which seemed so interesting. vaguely meta even?
when i went on saturday, as i snaked my way through the mazelike crowd, i heard two germans talking about hipsters in german- apparently hipster is an international word. it was funny.
though people were crowded outside to hear a band not really worth hearing.
then again, i'm completely biased. i love books, how they are bound, the paper stock used, type faces. and i especially love art books- the photographs, the layouts, ect.

what i wore both days

L- white shirt- lacoste, skirt with suspenders- phillip lim, shoes from macys, topshop tights
R- thrifted cape, marni skirt, givenchy tights, repetto shoes, lyell sweater


Friday, November 5, 2010

blow by blow book signing, anthropologie, nyc

yesterday, admists the rain and the cold, the wind, the what not, i made my way to anthropologie at rockfeller center for the "blow by blow" by detmar blow book signing.
i walked in, bought a book and umbrella, stumbled over my words but managed to get out, i really adored your wife, she was amazing, ect ect. of course he knows that, he married her and wrote a book about her that people have published.
on the train ride home, i couldn't stop reading bits of it- it is very well written. but aside from that, detmar is writing about isabella blow's actual life- not what we saw in magazines or gossip columns and not what was covered in speeches at her funeral.
the thing that always struck me about isabella blow and probably one of the reasons i like her so much, is that she always seemed so normal, granted with a super eye- i mean, she did discover alexander mcqueen and sophie dahl.
but a lot of her interviews or soundbits seemed normal, almost rooted in insecurity, which made her authentic and relatable in an industry that prided itself upon perfection and exclusivity.
you cannot deny isabella blow's brilliance as a stylist and as a pop culture icon and as someone who has helped shape modern fashion- you really cannot. but i think what made her so great, was the fact that she was herself- all of the time, even at her saddest, even at her worst. she was authentic and wholly unperfect, and i really respected that.
now the book itself- after hearing tidbits of alexander mcqueen being called out in said book, i am ready for a slightly salacious read. thus far, what i've peeked through on the train ride home, it's been a no bones bout it memoir- everything is mentioned but not in a gossip-y or scandalous way, it's laid out almost as evidence of this is her life and this is how this shaped her and lead up to her death.
it's incredibly well written and a great ride. i am having the hardest time putting it down to even write this blog entry, actually.
my only criticism is that i wish there were more photos in the book of isabella but i think the only thing that would quell my desire for more photos of her would be an entire photo book of her and her work. so there's that idea.