Friday, November 12, 2010

so i went to an auction...

This just recent Wednesday, I trekked up to St. Paul's Church, the one on Columbus Avenue not the one that tourists visit-just an fyi- for an antique auction. It was hosted in the auditorium of the Church, which reminded me of Christmas pageants and donut greeting after services, however none of those things were present when I was there, instead there were racks and racks and racks of gorgeous vintage clothing. Hosted by Augusta Auctions, things being sold ranged from Dior New Look to young boy's breeches from the 1700s to a quilt that Andy Warhol owned. Obviously, some of these things went for hefty prices, the breeches alone went for six thousand dollars.
The majority of things being sold were clothing, either in pristine condition from the Brooklyn Museum or rather good condition from consigners. Most people there were individuals buying for a business, most people were buyers, owners of vintage shops or collectors that sold archival objects to "designers and people in the art world." At least that is what one woman told me in a very childish voice, as though she thought I couldn't understand her adult voice and everything had to be said in simplified speech. I bid on a lot of things, and was promptly outbid, and I'll most likely see the could've, almost had it dresses in vintage stores dotting Chelsea to the East Village and marked up for ridiculous prices in the very, very near future.
I did, however, win three things! A lot of vintage jewelry, that included a watch on a bird brooch, a vintage Courreges suit, and two VIctor Costa dresses. I spent under four hundred dollars on all of these ideas, which includes an auction tax, and a New York tax. One of my friends got a Chanel suit for two hundred and fifty dollars. There were deals to be made, for sure, but like all auctions, to which I am basing my experience of off Ebay, it's really hit or miss what would go hi and what wouldn't. My friend Perrie, who was working at the Auction and won the Chanel suit, thought the Courreges, which she had specially showed me before the Auction, would go super high, however it didn't. I was the only bidder and I did a wee, little nerdy dance when I won. The auctioneer commented on it.
I've always wondered where vintage clothing stores, design houses, ect all get their pieces and where it comes from- it just can't be all estate sales, so now I know. It's another middle person selling something from someone else. Which kind of makes sense, now I just need to find more auctions going on.

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