Thursday, November 4, 2010

street style- soho to east village

Yesterday, I took myself on a "me" date. I went uptown to try on the Rodarte x Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, which were lovely however did not fit me and rendered me immobile in a size 10 1/2. I then trekked down to Opening Ceremony, tried on shoes and looked at shirts, lusted after all of the Rachel Comey and debated about buying men's shoes. Afterwards, I made my way to Kirna Zabete to inquire about Derek Lam turbans (I am a woman on a mission). But probably the best part of the day was running into my friend Emerald, escorting her to work, and then going by myself to see "Winter's Bone." I snuck in borscht from Veselka.
Since I am only freelancing and interning, and I have these debates about moving home to make my MFA portfolio for grad school applications, I've decided to start researching. I know my work is all about the Gulf Coast and the idea of "Southerness" since that is where I grew up. My research is involving music (I am hunting down Cajun music dating back from before the '50s), reading books on the region in which I grew up in-right now I am reading the devastatingly brilliant Zeitoun by Dave eggers, and I saw "Winter's Bone." Which, granted, isn't about the area I grew up in but imagery and a story all the worth seeing none the less.

My date with myself also included street style.
In Soho

In the East Village, right before I went into the movie.

Ta ta for now,

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