Friday, August 21, 2009

in iowa

hey all
so im iowa/illnois (both actually- going between both states) for my great aunt's funeral. took some photos, its an interesting place. we are in burlington, which is along the mississippi river. i grew up along the mississippi river in the south, it's interesting to see the mighty river so far north.
my mama bought a house in new orleans and i get to help her decorate it- using antiques.
these are some photos i took that i'm looking at for inspiration.

venus and mar's vintage store (owned by karen elson- i found a lovely '80s chloe dress there) nashville

a church in nashville

my friend haley and her grandmother in her grandmother's apt, manhattan

haley's grandmother's apt, gramercy park ish area- manhattan

bike riding to the bronx, in the bronx.

just some ideas...that im thinking about.
let me know if you see anything interesting.

Monday, August 10, 2009

back and forth and back and forth- NEW ORLEANS//NEW YORK

i literally most be one of the most inconsistent bloggers ever. but with good reason (well, i hope!) i have been bouncing between new york and new orleans and new york and then new orleans again. i am currently in new orleans. i got hired to photograph a promotional calendar for a printing company in new orleans and i am getting paid for it!
here are some photos i took exploring bensonhurst brooklyn. and i had a cocktail soiree. some are blurry (lo siento!)

my cocktail party
i really need to get a new lens b/c there is such low lighting at all of these wonderful night time functions

vintage dress

my lovely friend hannah
vintage hat (from the 1910s)
marni dress

exploring bensonhurst
misha (the white shirt) darren and monique, in a vintage 30s dress

more bensonhurst
vintage '40s seersucker shorts
american apparel tank top
miu miu shoes

'30s dress
steve madden shoes

i've been photographing monique a lot. she only dresses like she's from the '20s and i adore her. she's one of my closest friends. and she dresses so well.

more to come