Tuesday, December 1, 2009

pan y dulce

yesterday was a cold day but a good day.
i saw broken embraces, even almovodar at his mediocre is still magnificent. what does that mean? it means it was captivating, funny and worth seeing. worth paying 12 dollars to see.
it was a rather melancholy but ultimately happy story almost amelie like in it's idiosyncratic ness, very spanish and very almovodar. of course, the love story ends tragically but ultimately things feel happy when wrapped up. slightly ungainly in character use but still still captivating. while it was tragic in some aspects, it was incredibly funny and moving, it felt like a comedy that was based more in reality than in film fiction. however, it ended up being a film about films- the main character writes scripts. the characters are more realistic views of film characters while actions that drive the narrative are things would only exist in teh film world- a bit more dramatic than what real life would hold.
a lot of the lightness was achieved b/c penelope cruz's character's look was based on audrey hepburn (note the perky bangs!)

afterwards, i realized i was on a bit of a pseudo date with a bit of an eyeore though he was adorable. some people make that work for them.
we stopped into a spanish bakery b/c i wanted some bake goods.
the woman who worked behind the counter didn't speak english, so i grasped at my high school spanish i thought i had long forgotten.
que es esto?
ah. pan y dulche.
quiero uno.
vanilla o chocolate?
una dolar y viente cinco centas.

i left. it was delicious. bready, sugary with a layer of chocolate pastry, it only would've been better with black coffee.

from the movie.
i want these bangs.

after the pan, boy who seems so sad sometimes took me back to his apt for some homemade soup, i said hello this his room mate (myfriend) who had fallen of the face of the planet for some time now. and bid everyone adieu.

i think i'm more of a tiger type, anyway.

i wore this

mayle shirt, american apparel skirt, rachel comey brogues
it was raining that day. so i decided to wear this to brighten up my day.

right now with the cold weather but sunny days (well insppite of the rain yesterday), i've been wanting to reread fairy tales and what not.
these are some scans that sort of illustrate what visuals i want to read about.
from lula and vogue.

helmut newton 1994 from vogue

i am going to re-read francesca lia block's the rose and the beast. its re-interpretations of old folklore and fairy tales.
i just went on her website and saw that she has at least 5 new books out. while she writes for young adults, i still feel this carnivorous desire to devour everything she's written in one single sitting.
i have a goal over xmas break now!

anywho, ttfn!
ta ta for now!



Isabel said...

Oh man, Penelope looks so much like Audrey there that I'm a little terrified!

Amelia said...

I want those bangs and to read fairytales, too. Sounds like a really interesting movie :)

sarah said...

this is such a cute post! you have a gift for storytelling.
(i also love those bangs...though i fear one has to look like penelope cruz to pull them off!)

louise or valentine said...

@ sarah
what a wonderful compliment!
i try to make these very interesting to read and little stories..
i really strive to improve my writing, thank you so much.