Monday, December 28, 2009

you walk down Alameda shuffling your deck of trick cards over everyone

i've been in an elliot smith mood, oh, for the last two months.
if i had to pick or play favorites, he'd be tied for first between joanna newsom and yann tiersen in my book.

this past couple of days have been jam packed with a major photography shoot (medium format per usual!) for the thesis on christmas eve in addition to squeezing as much fun out of hte past couple of days before my bff/hetero life partner left for disney world for new years. which makes me incredibly jealous. how great is that?
what happened.
well, miro! por favor.

megan, the faithful driver

on the drive

where we ate

inside goode co

outfit- rachel comey sample sale sweater, rag and bone sample sale shirt, vintage skirt, ebay rachel comey shoes

my first bite of barbeque in 6 years. i started eating meat a couple weeks ago. this happened slowly, i should add. sophmore year of high school, i became vegetarian, senior year, i was vegan and freshmen year of college, iwas vegetarian again. junior year of college, i was pescatarian. i spent more and more time in new orleans and was not eating as healthy as i should as a vegetarian. so much of the cuisine is based on fish dishes, since it is a gulf coastal area. even "ethnic" cuisine is homogenized to be more creole style. it was healthier, more a part of the culture, to eat more gulf coastal style food, in addition food being a huge part of my family. once i began eating fish again, i became more curious about how other food tasted, in addition to just reading many more recipes, such as pork shoulder and bone marrow soup (umm....totally sounds delicious...)
curiosity got the best of me...and now i am an omnivore that eats mainly vegetarian.

after having a horrifically fun day on thursday, i got home and remembered/realized that i had to light my house for my photo shoo and make food for our christmas eve dinner!
so i got to it.
lighting (s)kills

on sale steven alan dress from
prada heels

more shoez, steven alan dress

oh and then santa came last night!
the haul and close up

chanel gold platforms. my mama came to visit me in september and i tried these on. that crafty lady bought them later that day and had themshipped to houston and then hid them for months! my my, mamas are super crafty and sneaky

more xmas gifts

MM6 sweatshirt, rodarte for target skirt, jeffrey campbell shoes

rachel comey skirt, rodarte for target shirt, chanel platforms

one day, my guy friends came over and demanded an adventure
so we had one
first polish food somewhere deep in teh outer reaches of houston
then we ventured further, oh 20 minutes further and just slightly beyond neighborhoods we discovered this and these
swamp lands
hills to roll down
we could still hear the cars and highway close by but we could smell the damp water and trees of the swampy forest.
good times.

after that adventure
i changed clothes, and changed gears. i retaught myself stick shift and met my sister for dinner.
it got colder
i wore this

rachel comey dress (xmas gift) tsumori chisato tights, ked shoes (also xmas gift), rachel comey sample sale sweater and belt, new ebay purchase- marc by marc jacobs jacket
i felt like a nut cracker, it was glorious

in my sister's bathroom, i seek refuge in attempting to hug my mirror image.
and also, you can see the back of my dress this way

and then today
i wore this
to return gifts and eat lunch with my sister, put off packing and get sucked into a 6 hour law and order svu marathon.
it may, in fact, be the greatest show ever created.

rachel comey sweater, rag and bone shirt, built by wendy skirt, rag and bone boots, prada knee highs

dear world,
time for sleep
for i drive to new orleans tomorrow for more shooting and many more adventures


miss sophie said...

my, my, looks like you had quite a lovely christmas! :D

the SA soma dress in the paisley print looks so great on you, especially paired with those shoes! and you do have an awesome mama - those chanel wedges are pretty sublime...

louise or valentine said...

thanks dear ^^

KC. said...

you are so damn fabulous i can't even handle it. long distance wifey, we gotta have awesome photoshoots when you come visit me, i got a nikon d90. let's just try on ridiculous outfits and take pictures of them in the woods